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[ Day 59 – August 17 , 2022] 75 Days Mains Revision Plan 2022 – GS2 Full Length & Ethics

GS2 Full Length

Q1. Examine the ways in which the Right to Information act has helped advance good governance and strengthen democracy in India. (10M)

Q2. Enumerate the objectives and targets of POSHAN Abhiyan 2.0. Suggest how these objectives can be achieved to ensure ‘Health for All’. (15M)


Q3. Describe with examples how corporations can practice ethics and social responsibilities. 10M

Case Study 20M

Q4. Media reports in July pointed out an incident where a sports stadium in Delhi was closed early to athletes so that an IAS couple could walk their dog. This created a huge uproar on social media against the abuse of power and misuse of government property meant for sportspersons. To address the public outrage on social media, the Ministry of Home Affairs transferred these officers to Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh, which are regarded as punishment postings. Former civil servants, however, say that transferring officials to places such as Arunachal and Ladakh as “punishment” is “damaging” to the image of these territories.

  • Substantiate the importance of ethics in public administration and explain the responsibilities of a public servant.
  • Identify the ethical issues involved in this case, especially with treating certain regions as punishment postings.