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[ Day 50 – August 08 , 2022] 75 Days Mains Revision Plan 2022 – Society & Ethics


Q1. Suggest the social and behavioral change initiatives required to tackle the problem of child malnutrition in India. 10M

Q2. Debate the issue of whether population control or utilizing demographic dividends should be the prime focus of our society.  10M


Q3.Morality develops across a lifetime and is influenced by an individual’s experiences and behavior when faced with moral issues. Illustrate from the lives of great leaders the changes in moral character that happened through experience. 10M

Case Study 20M

Vidya is a Ph.D. student at ABC University. She is an intelligent and hardworking student.  She hails from a remote village with a poor financial background and has been supporting her education through a scholarship from the government. She has been doing well in her studies. Since the pandemic she has been facing difficulties with her scholarship, from mid-2020 the scholarship was credited once every three months. But recently, from 5-6 months her scholarship isn’t credited at all. She has come to know that the government due to budgetary constraints has arbitrarily narrowed the focus areas eligible for funding; her Ph.D. thesis is related to material science, and it’s not eligible for funding under the revamped scheme. She found out that the new list of thesis subjects under the funding has been deliberately designed to include those subjects which have fewer students. Through RTI she further finds that the number of students under the funding has reduced by more than 60%. She and other students form a group and protest for their scholarship. After 3 weeks of protests, the department of higher education has stated that even if the students opt for a secondary thesis on the newly mentioned subjects they would be eligible for funding, but this would extend their study years and shift their focus to newer subjects. They ask the university administration for help, but the Dean is prioritizing funds for building a new college block rather than scholarships. Vidya is extremely stressed as a result of such changes; she has taken financial help from her friends for the past 6 months. She may not be able to support her education if she doesn’t receive funding soon. Her other option is to get a part-time job, but that would take away at least 4-5 hours of her time every day, which would affect her research.

  • Is this the case of bureaucratic apathy? Illustrate the human values one should uphold despite their position and power.
  • Discuss the options available for Vidya. Discuss their merits and demerits. What would you choose if you were vidya?