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[ Day 43 – August 01 , 2022] 75 Days Mains Revision Plan 2022 – GS3 Full Length Test & Ethics

GS 3 Full Length Test

Q1. Highlight the mandate and role of the Financial Action Task Force in fighting transnational money laundering and terror financing around the world. 10M

Q2. Protecting the natural habitat is not just important for nature’s sake but also crucial for safeguarding macroeconomic stability. Substantiate the biodiversity-related risks to economic activity and public finances. 15M


Q3. Discuss the influence of rationalisation, alternate moralities, and group mentality on the self-image of a corrupt person. 10M

Case studies: 20M

Q4. After years of petitions from the citizens of the region, the state government approved to upgrade the state highway connecting Shivpur to the state capital. The new Highway would be a four-way lane highway of 150Km. The project has been undertaken through the PPP route by forming a Shivpur tollways private limited company.

There are many modifications in the contract after the formation of the toll company. The last 50 Km of the highway has been modified from four-lane to two lanes and the service road in that phase has been merged into the main highway, leaving no option for people from local villages other than paying toll tax. Through RTI, activists have come to know that the government has agreed to such modifications in return for the construction of two new bridges over the river crossings. Many activists have flagged that these bridges were unnecessary as the old bridges would still serve the purpose. Despite protests and court cases, the highway has finally opened. Within a month, the major part of the highway and bridges has been damaged due to rains. The toll is being collected without any repairs. There is huge discontent and protest over the allegation of corruption against the toll authority. There seems to be nexus between the toll authority and local politician. As he is a popular face of the ruling political party in the state, the protests have been controlled by force.


    1. If you are a District Magistrate who has been ordered to control the protests what will be your course of action to manage the situation?
    2. Identify the various dimensions of the crisis involved in the issue. Based on your understanding, suggest measures to deal with corruption and inefficiencies in the system.