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[ Day 40 – July 29, 2022] 75 Days Mains Revision Plan 2022 – Internal Security & Ethics

Internal Security

Q1. Critically analyze the new measures taken by the government to secure its border in light of instability in India’s neighborhood. (10M)

Q2. Recently the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act, 1958 (AFSPA) has been fully or partially withdrawn from parts of Northeast states. Why is the decision significant, and why had AFSPA been imposed in the first place? 15M


Q3. Explain the role of public funds in an economy. Discuss the ethical issues involved in the poor allocation of public funds to healthcare. Suggest measures for effective utilization of public funds. 10M

Case study: 20M

Q4. Fifteen-year-old Suryakanti was born to very poor parents. As if the curse of abject poverty was not enough, two years ago Suryakanti was diagnosed to be suffering from a rare disease afflicting limbs. She couldn’t use her hands to eat, play or write. Her parents have stopped sending her to school. She has been helping her parents at their family shop.

A Good Samaritan notices Suryakanti practicing to write with her feet. Impressed with her spirit to learn. He convinces her parents to send her to a residential school for the disabled. After much persuasion, her parents finally agree. Suryakanti joins the residential school. After a few months, the Good Samaritan finds out that Suryakanti has left the school.  Her parents complain about the lack of facilities at school and that she struggles to do the daily chores on her own.  But the school’s version of the story is different; they agree about the lack of caretakers at the school due to a shortage of funds but also complain that Suryakanti was forcefully taken away by her parents. The Samaritan tries to talk with Suryakanti but she is silent and tells him that she doesn’t want to pursue further education.

    • If you are that Good Samaritan, identify the various dimensions of the issue. Based on your understanding, suggest measures to deal with the crisis.