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[ Day 32 – July 21, 2022] 75 Days Mains Revision Plan 2022 – Economy, Agriculture & Ethics


Economy & Agriculture

Q1. There is a need to go beyond the provisions of gas stoves and toilets for women and empower them with land and property rights through effective land reforms. Discuss (10M)

Q2. What is the rationale behind the demand for the legalization of MSP? Discuss the challenges associated with such a move? Suggest measures required for better price realization of agricultural crops? (15M)


Q3. Has increased public scrutiny through RTI and several media platforms managed to improve the accountability of the people in power? Critically examine. 10M

Case Study 20M

Q4. X is a chief technical officer in a Smartphone Company. The company has a culture of innovation, hard work, and openness. These have helped gain customer loyalty but the profits are often low. In recent months even the salaries are getting delayed. The investors want to propel the company into profits; they want to mine user data and sell it for profits. X has discussed this with the user community but a large number of them have been negative about such a step. The company decides to install such software on lower-end devices as user consent can be obtained if the cost of the phone is less. Many in X’s company agree to such a move. But X feels it is morally wrong.

    1. Do you think X is right? Is it morally wrong? Give your reasons.
    2. What are the options available to X. Discuss its merits and demerits.