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[ Day 30 – July 19, 2022] 75 Days Mains Revision Plan 2022 – Economy & Ethics



Q1. Fintech innovation can make digital payments and lending more efficient and more accessible. In this regard, explain how technological innovations can lead to inclusive growth. Also, enumerate the steps taken by the government in this regard. 15M

 Q2. What is off-budget borrowing? Analyze the reasons for the rise in such borrowings in recent years? Also, explain its impact on the revenue and fiscal deficit of the government?  15M



Q3. Do laws and regulations guide us in ethical decisions making? Examine with examples the role of laws and regulations in shaping a collective conscience?  10M


Case Study: 20M

Q4.  There have been increasing accidents on the section of a major state highway. The major cause for this is the highway cutting through lands involved in animal husbandry. There is a tendency for farm animals to run towards the highway and end up being an obstruction to the drivers. An engineering firm has been appointed to study the issue in detail. It’s a reputed firm with lots of relevant experience. They have submitted the report to the government and suggested a few remedial measures. The report emphasizes building an underpass for animals as a short-term solution and as a long-term solution, they suggest an alternate route that involves tunneling through the nearby mountain. It’s a good option too but involves de-routing the highway for about 3km. The Government is keen on the long-term solution. Even the environmental impact assessment is cleared and the engineering firm which had completed the study is given the contract of implementing the project. There have been protests from the people of the region as the new project would add a toll booth to the highway to recover the increased costs.

Tejas is the additional secretary at the public works department and has a reputation for his competence, integrity, and dedication. He has been asked to review the report of the engineering by his senior. On review, Tejas found the report to be technically correct. But, he feels that the data has been manipulated for arriving at such a technical conclusion, and an underpass for animals can be a long-term solution too. He wants another firm to study the issue and report. The senior officer has laughed off his concerns and asked him not to get over suspicious about the firm or overthink the issue. He has asked Tejas to just report on technical accuracy and clear the study. Upon discussing with other colleagues Tejas came to know that the engineering firm belongs to the son-in-law of a powerful politician and that the senior officer is close to the politician. Tejas is now confused as he had good relations with the senior officer and found him to be an honest person.

Given the situation,

  1. Q) What are the options available for Tejas? Would reporting just on the technical accuracy hold any merit? Give your reasons.
  2. Q) Differentiate between values of transparency, honesty, and integrity? Even though the issue seems to be dealt transparently why does it raise suspicion? Is Tejas over suspicious? Give your reasons.
  3. Q) Explain the significance of interpersonal relations in an organization? How can Tejas persuade his senior officer to change his mind?