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Batch Starts from 28th July 2022

Fee: Rs. 70000/- incl. taxes

Detials of Entrance cum Scholarship Test are given below









Hello Dear Student!

InsightsIAS is delighted to announce that we are back with our pioneering initiative that has given our institute several top ranks since its inception: the much acclaimed CORE BATCH! But wait, we have another exciting news! We will be conducting an entrance-cum-scholarship test for the CORE BATCH 2023 on 17th JULY in both online & offline mode (at all our branches: Bengaluru, Delhi, Hyderabad, Lucknow  & Srinagar).

Read till the end to know more about the scholarship test!

How does one write great answers? Have you ever thought about this? Are you one amongst the majority-who believes that you should finish the entire syllabus before you decide to put pen to paper? (The day you “finish” the syllabus will never come!). Are you afraid of writing less-than-perfect answers? Do you keep planning to write & then procrastinate till “tomorrow”? Tomorrow never comes, does it? Do you want to shed your old attitude & habits, and cultivate the winning mindset and strategies? Are you looking for something that will point you in the right direction? Well, LOOK NO FURTHER! We have just the right program for you: the CORE BATCH!

Our founder & director, Vinay Sir, always believed in “learning by doing”. The CORE BATCH is the embodiment of this philosophy. Our very first offline batch in 2014 had just 40 students and we got 5 ranks from it-Ranks 8,26,36,97,392 from 15 odd students who remained (sustained) till the end of the program. We dared to be different from the herd, emphasized that it is practice that matters, not just reading and introduced this as an intensive answer writing program!

Based on our vast experience of conducting thousands of Mains tests and giving personal feedback to toppers; & at the same time gaining insights from students’ feedback – who have been associated with us for long time, the Core Batch -2023 Program is going to be a very ambitious initiative meant for ambitious aspirants -where we will deliver definite results.


The fundamental principle that makes core batch unique is its focus on intensive and regular answer writing in a timed manner. Incremental improvement is the mantra of the program! This helps in increasing GS+Essay scores so as to nullify any adverse marks one may get at the Interview (personality stage). Almost everyone who have joined our core batches, especially those who had written mains but had scored less in GS+ Essay, have seen great improvements in their scores- resulting in ranks. There are numerous instances where toppers from InsightsIAS have improved their essay scores from 80s to 140s, 100 to 150s kind of scores; and 70-80 marks improvement in overall GS scores (you can read this in their testimonials).



Since its inception in 2014, the Core Batch has been instrumental in creating many toppers, Rank-1 in CSE-2016 (Nandini K R), Rank-17 in CSE-2018 (Rahul Sankanur), Rank-5 in CSE-2019 (Jeydev CS),  Rank 40(Anant Dwivedi – Delhi Core Batch), Rank 77(Akshay Simha ) in UPSC CSE 2020 & AIR 31(Avinash) in UPSC CSE 2021.


NAME(click on the names to read detailed strategies)


NITISH K8 (UPSC CSE 2014)“The rigorous schedule of Insights for test series enabled us to complete syllabus in time and also strengthen our answer writing skills. Vinay Sir always used to tell you would get in top 50 .”
NEHA KUMARI26 (2014)“I was fortunate enough to manage to get enrolled in the Mains offline program of Insights which did not include any conventional classroom program like typical coaching institutes.
We were given daily targets to read for the various topics in CSE Mains exam and we were expected to answer them in the limited time. This was extremely strenuous and needed 100% concentration and dedication. Vinay Sir would always say –“If you are able to handle this pressure, you will surely come out successful.”
DK BALAJI36 (2014)I wrote all Insights tests religiously without missing a single test.The jam-packed preparation for 3.5 months made me confident about Mains. Insights guided and motivated me very much during this phase.The role of’s offline test series in helping me score well in this exam is immense. With below average GS scores in previous attempt, I have now ended up with above-average GS scores in this attempt, across all papers. This is not a eulogy. I must say, I would not have even got into the list, without this test series, not to mention of getting fantastic Rank 36.”


Nandini KR1 (UPSC CSE 2016)“The responsibility of writing tests made me more efficient in time management. I improved my speed of writing. This was one of the reasons why I had lost marks in my previous attempt. I focused on improving both quality and speed. At Insights, we had to answer ten questions in one hour. Initially, I struggled to answer 5-6 answers. But, I was pushed to answer more and more at Insights. In the end I could easily answer all 20 questions in 3hours without diluting quality of answers. Writing so many GS tests also improved my speed in optional subject.”
Sachin Gupta3 (UPSC CSE 2017)“Fortunately at Insights I was pushed to write tests in a disciplined manner. Slowly after 8-10 tests, one is able to find what to do and what no to do, how to write an answer. I use to interact with Vinay Sir a lot to understand this. But actual struggle after that to internalize the answer writing pattern in your heart & soul and make it a natural way of answer writing. For that one should do intensive answer writing practice.”
Jeydev CS5 (UPSC CSE 2019)The bulk of my preparation for mains revolved around writing answers in a timed setting(I used Insights). In the beginning, I’d aim to write 7 questions (15 marks, 250 words) in 1 hour. Once that aim was met, I set my sights on 3-hour full syllabus mock tests. With time and practice, I was able to complete those papers without leaving any questions.”
Avinash31 (UPSC CSE 2021)Was a student of OGP-2021 & CORE BATCH.


Benefits of joining the Core batch:

  1. There will be more than 85 Mains Tests between July 2022 to March 2022.
  2. These Mains tests are designed to help in systematic completion of syllabus of 4 General Studies papers through regular tests and discussions by December 2022.
  3. REVISION THROUGH REPITITION : The timetable has been drafted carefully keeping in mind the dynamic demands of the exam and also to ensure you complete the entire syllabus with 5 revisions.
  4. Orientations are conducted for every subject to help you understand and analyse the essence and trend of every subject enabling you to draw-out a map for your personalized preparation.
  5. Each subject is sub-divided into sections to ensure you thoroughly prepare every part of the micro-syllabus considering their relative importance.
  6. SHORT NOTES: You will have to compulsorily make short notes before every test. Our timetable provides you scope to prepare thoroughly on every topic in syllabus before March 2022.
  7. CLARITY ON THE SOURCES TO BE STUDIED: We will be giving you list of SOURCES for all topics before every test.
  8. There will be 50 Prelims Mock Tests
  9. The Prelims test series for Core Batch will be conducted Module – wise which is aligned with Mains Topics. This helps in coherent and integrated preparation for both Prelims and Mains – 2023.
  10. COMPREHENSIVE EVALUATION of every Mains test (85+ Tests). These tests will consist of 10- 20 questions each. Detailed & time-bound evaluation and post-test discussions will provide immense value-addition
  11. CLASSROOM DISCUSSION of all Mains Tests immediately after the test. These discussions will focus on content, structure and presentation of your answers.
  12. MENTORSHIP: You will be assigned a mentor who will guide you through your preparation, solve doubts, help you improve and ensure that you are on track to ace the exam. Dedicated mentorship is provided to help you achieve that extra edge over your competitors.
  13. Exhaustive and integrated preparation for MAINS & PRELIMS for 8 months with 2 months of exclusive preparation for PRELIMS empowers you with the confidence needed to sail through this exam with relative ease. We will also provide 50 MCQs with each mains test from the Month of January.
  14. PRACTICE IS KEY: Intensive and continuous answer-writing, will help you face the uncertainty of the UPSC exam, experiment, learn and unlearn many things. Practice leads to progress!

“Do it again. Play it again. Sing it again. Read it again. Write it again. Sketch it again. Rehearse it again. Run it again. Try it again.
Because again is practice, and practice is improvement, and improvement only leads to perfection.”
Richelle E. Goodrich

  1. SESSIONS BY VINAY SIR: Will be conducted regularly to motivate you & provide the right guidance to keep you going on the right path towards your goal.


NOTE: No teaching will take place for core batch. This batch is meant strictly for people who can do self-study of all the topics but want to improve their marks in Mains by improving their answer writing skills. 


 Expected Outcomes if you join Core Batch – 2023 (Only if you stay consistent till the end of the program, write all the tests with complete dedication with a mindset to improve):

  1. Completion of syllabus of both Prelims and Mains in a very disciplined manner.
  2. Improve your answer writing skills to write high quality answers and essays (Avinash AIR-31 in CSE 2021 got the second highest score in Essay).
  3. By January 2023, you will be in a position to complete full length GS papers within 3 hours with ease.
  4. You WILL Clear Prelims – 2023
  5. You WILL Clear Mains – 2023 (Provided your hold on Optional is excellent)
  6. You WILL Get a rank in 2023!
  7. In the worst case, you WILL see a remarkable jump in ESSAY + GS Scores in Mains – 2023.

These outcomes are dependent on YOU- your dedication, perseverance, consistency and will to march on towards your goals despite all obstacles and setbacks!


If you join the core batch:

  1. You MUST stick to the timetable and NEVER miss a test – no matter how terrible your preparation is. Don’t be afraid of failure!
  2. Be dedicated. Focus on improving your abilities on a daily basis with the aid of our tests, discussions, feedback & mentors.
  3. You must work hard CONSISTENTLY.
  4. You need to be disciplined in your preparation. Without discipline you can’t succeed.
  5. You MUST take care of your health and well-being too!
  6. You must have FAITH in InsightsIAS.
  7. But most importantly, you must have FAITH IN YOURSELVES!


What’s New?

  • 50 MCQs’ Test will be given along with every Mains Test from the Month of January
  • CORE BATCH 2023 is available in: Online& Offline 
  • FREE access to Prelims Test Series
  • FREE access to I-WIL MAINS TEST SERIES 2023(if you clear PRELIMS 2023)


Core batch will ensure that you achieve mastery over answer-writing. This result-oriented initiative pushes you out of your comfort zone and ensures that you progress steadily towards your goal.


We promise to do our part sincerely with discipline and dedication- will you? If the answer is YES , then don’t think twice! Register for the scholarship test and take the first step towards your dream!



  • TEST DATE : Round 1 on 17TH JULY & Round 2 on 19TH JULY
  • MODE of Test: Offline & Online(offline in Bengaluru, Delhi, Hyderabad, Lucknow & Srinagar centres)
  • QUESTION TYPES: Round 1 : MCQ and Round 2: Descriptive
  • Syllabus for the test:
    Round 1: UPSC Prelims paper 1(General Studies) & paper 2(CSAT).Round 2: Essay & all 4 general studies papers .

Rround 1: Online mode : 1 hour and Offline Mode 2 hours

  • Results of Round 1 on 18th July 2022 by 11am
  • Details of Round 2 will be provided along with the Results of Round 1
  • Scholarship for top 100
  • Top 10 Ranks:Full Scholarship
  • Ranks 11 – 50:50% discount
  • Ranks 51-100 : 30% discount

Note: 100 students will be eligible for admissions in EACH branch 









For any queries contact,

mail :


Bangalore Office (Google Maps) : 7483163074 / 9380863034

Delhi Office (Google Maps) : 7303318519 / 011-49520205

Lucknow Office (Google Maps) : 7897954757

Hyderabad Office (Google Maps) : 8688512637

Srinagar Office(Google Maps) : +91 143560002



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