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[ ADMISSIONS OPEN ] YLM 2.0 (Year-Long Mains Test Series) 2023









Hello Dear Student!

There’s less than a year to go for UPSC CSE Prelims-2023. 318 days to be precise! Are you still unsure of your strategies? Are you struggling with a multitude of sources? Are you waiting to finish the syllabus to start attempting tests & write answers?

Time flies! Do not procrastinate anymore!

If you are looking for a timetable to stay disciplined and improve your aswer writing skills along with multiple revisions,  Look no further! We have just the right initiative for you: the YLM 2023 2.0 (Year-long Mains Test Series 2.0)

This year, YLM is available in 4 packages:
Full Package(GS+Essay), GS only, Essay Only & Ethics Only

Our much acclaimed YLM Test Series is a flagship program of InsightsIAS which provides a holistic timetable for your Mains Preparation. It is said:”Read to remember and Write to Retain. Based on our experience of guiding several thousands of aspirants, we have learnt that it is important for an aspirant to not only read and learn from textbooks, but also to analyse, understand and apply the concepts learnt in a structured format. This will help them to commit mistakes faster, while they practice and improve the quality as well as speed of answer writing.

Abraham Lincoln had said, “If I had five minutes to chop down a tree, I’d spend the first three sharpening my axe.”

Undoubtedly, every serious aspirant spends a lot of time in preparation but often fail to find a program that aids in sharpening their preparation (AXE) that has the potential to give them commensurate returns.

Like an AXE, the YLM with its methodology will:

  1. Inculcate the habit of discipline & ensure exhaustive preparation for MAINS, with a perfectly planned timetable to keep you focused, busy and consistent throughout the year.
  2. Adoption of the success-guaranteed EBS Approach*(Essential, Breakthrough & Simulation) to STEP-UP the difficulty level gradually, making you more competitive and ensuring that you inculcate the art of inter-disciplinary linkages in your answer-writing skills for MAINS.
EssayGeneral Studies(EBS)Mains(EBS+Essay)
Total : 10Essential Tests: 20Total Tests: 52
Sectional Topics: 8Breakthrough Tests: 14
All Topics : 2Simulation Tests: 8


Features of YLM

  • InsightsIAS has pioneered the EBS (Essential, Breakthrough and Simulation) Approach:
    • ESSENTIAL approach: emphasizes on building the basics.
    • BREAK-THROUGH approach: tests the ability to link facts and concepts with Current Affairs.
    • SIMULATION approach: gives a real-exam like feeling to help aspirants consolidate and finally put to test effectiveness of their preparation.


MAINS Specific Features:


Click Here for details of Features available in our portal for Mains Test Series


  • One-to-One Mentorship: An endeavor to help students, motivate them & to provide the right guidance. The mentorship will be done via telephonic conversation for online students and in-person for Offline students (Bengaluru, Delhi, Lucknow, Hyderabad and Srinagar).


  • Time-bound & Holistic Evaluation: Evaluation of the answer booklets written on the scheduled test date will be ensured before the next test. Evaluation of the test booklets written on dates other than the test dates will be made available within 5-7 WORKING DAYS. Our quality evaluation will effectively scrutinize the flaws in your answer writing in a holistic way. Our diverse parameters of scrutiny for GS, ESSAY & Ethics papers are shown below.


  • Rapid Discussion: This initiative of INSIGHTSIAS as a part of IPM provides the right guidance & clarity regarding the test syllabus, books to be studied for it & any other doubts you’ll may have. This will be conducted before every test. These discussions will give a precise roadmap for your preparation for the upcoming test. These discussions will be live-streamed and the recorded videos of the same will be made available within 24-48 hours from the date of scheduled test discussion.
  • Flexibility: All the tests are flexible and can be taken up any time before the MAINS 2023.
  • Questions paper & Solutions discussion videos: for better clarification of demands of the question will be live-streamed & the recorded videos of the same will be made available within 24-48 hours from the date of scheduled test discussion.
  • Synopsis: Detailed, well-researched synopsis will be made available for all the tests. Hardcopy of synopsis will be provided for students writing tests in the offline mode on the scheduled date.
  • Value added INSTA materials will be provided 2 months before the MAINS examinations in 2023.
  • Go the Extra mile: At least two answers posted for the Questions of our SECURE initiative on the All New test portal will be evaluated without fail.


Detailed explanation of the timetable and tips to follow the timetable:

  1. Timetable is so designed that we complete every subject in 3 rounds
  • 1st Round is Essential round where you can expect questions mostly to check your conceptual understanding.
  • 2nd Round is Breakthrough round where you will apply knowledge and skills to solve the questions (link for skills & intelligent guessing is given at the end of the document)
  • 3rd Round is Simulation round where the entire paper mimics UPSC Prelims Paper and prepares you to tackle any kind of question.


2. Time Gap Between tests in Essential round is kept 10 days (in 95% of the cases except during Sundays and Festivals & Revision Test) as it is the 1st time that you will be covering the syllabus. Even if you are not able to complete the syllabus, do not panic, as you will be covering during the Revision tests and also the 2nd round.


3. Time Gap between the tests in Breakthrough round is reduced to 7 days (except GS-4 MAINS TESTS) having known that you would have covered the syllabus during elementary round. Again, Revision Tests of Breakthrough round will equip you with confidence of having covered the syllabus 4 times by now. In the Breakthrough Round you will also be covering important releases by Government from which questions are mostly expected every year – INDIA YEAR BOOK, ECONOMIC SURVEY & BUDGET.


4. Before the start of the Simulation Round, we will be providing you classes with tips and techniques in scoring high in prelims and also a few other important classes.


5. The Simulation Round Mimics the UPSC exam and ensures you are well prepared for any kind of paper in the exam. We try to nudge you with the difficulty level and out of the box questions.


The MAINS examination in the simulation round will be conducted in 2 sets. One before UPSC CSE Prelims Exam and the other set post-prelims exam.


6. Note on Sources Mentioned:

  • In all cases except otherwise specifically mentioned we will follow New NCERTs
  • Economy: 10th Edition of Ramesh Singh will be referred.
  • Modern India: Refer to either Latest edition of Spectrum Publication or Struggle for India’s Independence – Bipin Chandra.
  • Current Affairs: We will be covering Current Affairs of the intervening period between tests for all the upcoming tests from multiple sources. However, depending on the importance and need we may cover current affairs of previous months’ too.


  • GUIDANCE OVER ZOOM SESSIONS every 15 days: We find it important to have a connect with test series students to check on their progress, any difficulty faced, if they are able to follow the strategy and tests and understand if they are improving every day. In this regard, we will be conducting a Zoom session every 15 days by Vinay Sir and subject experts.

Click Here to watch the Progress check session 1 by Vinay Sir for IPM  & YLM 1.0

  • Doubts Clarification on DISQUS platform: a dedicated team will be available to clear all your doubts on the tests within 24 hours.



  • Hardcopy of synopsis provided for students taking the test on the scheduled date

Martin Luther King Jr had said, “Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” Take the first step towards your goal. Join YLM and improve your answer writing skills- one test at a time.


YLM 2.0 Starts from : 12th August 2022


Full Package:Rs. 28500/- incl. taxes

Only GS: Rs. 23000/- incl. taxes

Only Ethics: Rs. 5500/- incl. taxes

Only Essay : Rs. 5500/- incl. taxes



Insta Discounts:

Old Subscriber Offer: 25% discount

Early Bird Offer:

    • 20% discount till 25th July 2022
    • 15% discount till 10th Aug 2022









Terms and conditions:

    • Fee is non-refundable and non-transferable in nature in all circumstances
    • INSIGHTSIAS material will be for the individual student use only and copyright protected (only softcopy will be provided)
    • Any violation of copyright law if observed, enrolment to the test series will be cancelled
    • Course is valid till Mains 2023

For any queries contact,

mail :


Bangalore Office : 7483163074 / 9380863034

Delhi Office : 7303318519 / 011-49520205

Hyderabad Office : 8688512637

Srinagar Office : +91 143560002

Lucknow Office: 7897954757


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