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How to utilise our current affairs magazines efficiently?


Hello Dear Student!

At InsightsIAS, our motto has always been about simplifying the UPSC Exam preparation for you’ll. In pursuance of this, our team constantly innovates & improves -to bring you’ll the best to aid your preparation. We have been releasing our Current Affairs in a new & improved format to simplify CA preparation for you’ll & we have received a lot of support & wonderful feedback from you’ll! Thank you- this drives our team to do better.

This is an explanatory article on how to utilise the CA magazines efficiently. We release :

1. A weekly CA magazine:
This is a compilation of the CA from Monday-Saturday of the preceding week. Reading this will help you’ll revise & retain the relevant information on a weekly basis.

2. Two monthly magazines :

(a) MAINS 30: which is a compilation of the mains-specific current affairs of the preceding month.

(b) PRELIMS 30: which is a compilation of the prelims facts of the preceding month.

This is an efficient way to study for both Prelims & Mains on a monthly basis.

Thus, ideally you all should revise CA on a weekly basis from the weekly CA magazine & on a monthly basis again(2nd revision) from the monthly magazines. (The content is the same.)



1. Prelims MCQs are included in the MAINS 30 magazine because they are relevant to the topics mentioned in the magazine. It is meant to help you all revise & retain the information by solving MCQs.

2. We will be categorising the information as per the sub-topics given in the syllabus from the next edition onwards.

3. We have included pictures & InstaGraphics : this is not meant to be a superfluous addition. Instead, it adds value to the content & helps one remember & recall better.

We are always open to your valuable & constructive feedback & constantly improve our initiatives accordingly. InsightsIAS prides itself on being a student-centric organisation : our aim is to do our best to give YOU the best. We hope that you find our CA magazines beneficial & utilise them well to ace the exam.

Thank you for your love & support!

Until next time!