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[ Day 20 – July 9, 2022] 75 Days Mains Revision Plan 2022 – Polity & Ethics


Q1. It is said that, far from being a neutral referee, the speaker is an active player in the defection game. What lessons can India learn from UK regarding office of speaker? Comment. 10M

Q2. What do you understand by the “due process of law” clause? Has the introduction of this clause increased the conflict between judiciary and executive? Analyze 10M


Q3. Do frequent transfers of civil servants dent their dedication to public service? Present your views. Also, suggest some measures to tackle such situation. 10M

Case study 20M

Q4. You are a senior officer at the department of agriculture. The state budget has an allocation of 500 crores for organic farming for the current year. You have been assigned the task of mapping the various regions, crops and methods of organic farming to be funded under the scheme. You personally lack detailed knowledge on organic farming. Therefore, you call a meeting of prominent NGO’s and experts in the field for their suggestions.  Everyone suggests various measures for improving organic farming. The meeting is successful and the budget is allocated as per the plan prepared by you. Through the course of implementation you found out that most of the members of the meeting lacked a working knowledge of organic farming and had suggested funding for various programmes which benefits them personally. This issue has been covered by the media and they have blamed you for profiteering as a result there is an internal departmental investigation upon you. Even though you have clearly not profited, you are now blamed for being corrupt.

In such circumstances, what will be your response? Analyse the qualities of a public servant which will be required to prevent such a situation.