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[ Day 16 – July 5, 2022] 75 Days Mains Revision Plan 2022 – GS1 Full Syllabus & Ethics


GS 1 Full Syllabus

Q1. What are the main drivers and causes of desertification and land degradation? Discuss the socio-economic impact of such changes. Suggest a few measures to mitigate the same. 15M

Q2. Elucidate the factors driving feminization of agriculture in India. Is it good for rural society? Discuss the challenges faced by women in the agricultural sector. 10M



Q3. What do you understand by “freedom of Conscience”? Explain the importance of such freedom in guiding attitudes of the state. 10M


Case Study: 20M

Q4. Mohith is a person with strong moral principles. He is interested in politics and reforming the society through honest administration. For the upcoming elections, he has supported Raju who has promised development and reforms in administration. Mohith has actively volunteered for Raju and has spent the past year gaining political support for Raju.

Realizing the increased support for Raju, the candidate contesting against him has started distributing money and various freebies secretly. Mohith has come to know that Raju has also started distributing freebies and has the financial support from an influential contractor, who has been promised lucrative deals once Raju wins. Mohith has confronted Raju on this issue, but Raju identifies himself as a victim of the situation and has pointed out that modern-day politics is all about money as people are readily accepting freebies and are happy for it. However, Raju has assured Mohith of sticking to his vision of development and honest administration. Others supporting Raju also feel freebies are necessary and Raju is in fact a far better candidate than his competitors.

Given the situation,

  1. Identify the ethical issues for Mohith in this situation
  2. Do you believe Raju is right about modern-day politics? Is he a victim of the situation? Give your reasons.
  3. Discuss the need for a strong political attitude in our country.