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Values, morality and Ethics are used ever so interchangeably. However, they are all unique in themselves. Values are the basic building blocks which decide the ethical and moral foundation of its actors. When certain values get ‘social approval’ they become ethics and morals.

The comparison of all the three is shown below for a better understanding:

‘Values’ are the set of principles that are inherent in an individual and motivates him/her to work better.‘Morals’ are the learned values of an individual under the influence of society and surroundingsEthics are a set of guiding values that are accepted as ‘right’ from a societal perspective.
Values are personalMorals are often personal.Ethics are often professional and legal guidelines.
‘Values’ tend to remain the same for a longer period in an individual’s life.‘Morals’ are largely affected by the surroundings and prone to change once the surroundings of any individual change.Ethics too can vary across time and place depending on various factors.
Different from person to person.It May be different from culture to cultureAn absolute standard of behavior
Values can be changed but it is relatively harder for the change to happen.May change as acceptable social behavior in the culture changesStandard is universal and immutable (not subject to change)

Note: A detailed explanation on values will be taken by in the upcoming days under the chapter- Human values.