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Content for Mains Enrichment (Ethics/Essay):

Vinay Samarasya:


The initiative was launched to curb the practice of untouchability still prevalent in the State of Karnataka.

It is named after a two-year-old toddler belonging to a Dalit family – fined 25,000 because their kid Vinay entered a temple premises at Miyapur village in Kushtagi taluk North Karnataka.



Woman to “Man”: Why Pechiyammal disguised as “Muthu” for 36 Years


A woman from Thoothukoodi Tamil Nadu, disguised herself to be a man after her husband’s death and the birth of a daughter.

This shows the harsh reality of how hard it is for a single mother/woman in India to lead a normal life.

She mentioned one incident where at night a drunkard was walking at a distance, immediately she lit a beedi seeing her he came and asked whether she had a matchbox, according to her if she was in female attire it would have led to physical assault.

When asked about how it was illegal to fake gender on government identity cards she responded that “can the government guarantee the safety of me and my daughter ?”.

Finally, she had to reveal her true identity so that she can avail old age widow pension and other government benefits.

Her life is an example that how women have been treated in Indian Society and the negative attitude toward single women/mothers.


Current Affairs 


Odisha’s Mo Bus

Mo Bus, the bus service of Odisha’s Capital Region Urban Transport (CRUT) authority, has been recognised by the United Nations as one of 10 global recipients of its annual Public Service Awards for 2022 –  for its role in “promoting gender-responsive public services to achieve the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)”

Mo Bus incorporates:

  • Real-time technologies like live tracking, travel planner and e-ticketing
  • E-rickshaw system called ‘Mo E-Ride’ has been introduced as a last-mile feeder service.
  • Impact:
    • 57 per cent of the city’s commuters now use the Mo Bus.
    • Mo E-Ride is estimated to reduce pollution by 30-50 per cent.
    • 40 per cent of Mo Bus conductors are women and 100 per cent of Mo E-Ride drivers are women, transgender people, and people from disadvantaged communities.


Current Affairs


UN Public Service Award: It is the “most prestigious international recognition of excellence in public service”. It is intended to reward “the creative achievements and contributions of public service institutions that lead to a more effective and responsive public administration in countries worldwide”.


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