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[NEW INTRODUCTION]: PRELIMS 30 – Insights IAS Monthly Current Affairs Magazine- May 2022

Hello Dear Students!

InsightsIAS has always been a harbinger of pioneering initiatives: Secure, Core batch, Weekly CA Magazine, etc. We pride ourselves on being a student-centric organisation & always strive to give you’ll the best, whether it is content in the form of current affairs, quizzes, courses or test series.

We are delighted to present our Monthly Prelims CA Magazine : PRELIMS 30. This is a compilation of all the current affairs for the month of May 2022, that are relevant for Upsc Prelims Examination(Did you check out MAINS 30?  ( Check here )

We hope that you’ll like our new introduction. Please comment below & give us your valuable feedback. We hope that you’ll find the PRELIMS 30 magazine beneficial.

Until next time!

Here is a glimpse of PRELIMS 30 –  Current Affairs magazine – May 2022

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD PRELIMS 30 – Current Affairs Magazine – May 2022