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[ Much Awaited ] INSIGHTS 75-DAYS REVISION PLAN FOR MAINS 2022 : 850+ in 75


Hello dear Student!

InsightsIAS is delighted to present a new initiative for Mains 2022 : the 75 DAY PLAN which will help you get 850+ marks in 75 days, but ONLY IF you study & write with consistency and dedication! And you know what? IT IS FREE.

We have got wonderful feedback for our famous 75 day plan for prelims. This got us thinking: why shouldn’t we start a 75 day plan for Mains too? After all, our main aim is to empower the students in every nook and corner of the country: with resources and tools so that they can ace this exam.


Why join the 75 day plan? How will it benefit you? What are the features of the plan? :

  • It is FREE!
  • It will help you prepare with a clear goal in mind and have clarity regarding what to cover and how to cover it in a step-by-step method.
  • You will not get overwhelmed with the vast syllabus.
  • You will write GS answers everyday!
  • In addition, you will also write an ethics answer and case study daily.
  • Small targets and writing 2-3 answers per day will help you stay consistent and learn how to write answers in time.
  • Subjects will be covered methodically.
  • You will also have time to devote to the optional preparation. (Have you checked our YouTube Analytica initiative for optionals yet?
  • Comprehensive coverage of the syllabus with multiple revisions.
  • You will not be neglecting ethics (GS-IV) [We have a surprise in store for you’ll- wait for the announcement-coming SOON!)
  • You will also be writing an essay every Sunday! Avinash AIR 31, our OGP student used to write an essay every week. He got 147- the 2nd highest marks this year.


Why do we need a good plan? Have you heard that If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”? Relying on a good plan helps you set tangible goals, break a bigger problem into smaller bits, reduces the risk of missing out (no FOMO!), increases your confidence, helps you get rid of self-doubt, you will gain an edge over competitors and most importantly you will have peace of mind.

We believe a structured revision and consistent practice is the surest way to clear Mains 2022 . Treat this 75 days Revision plan as your constant companion and best friend for the next 90 days to ace the mains.

The Revision timetable has been formed keeping in mind the best interest of our students and after thorough analysis of the previous year Question Paper trends of UPSC. Accordingly, each subject has been allotted a specific timeframe to aid students in completing the syllabus (with standard sources) comprehensively. The focus has been laid on multiple revisions and answer writing as it will help you to retain better.

There are barely 90 days to go for the Mains exam. The clock is ticking, time is scarce. Do not waste time thinking about the cut-off. You need to start now! Whether you are sure of clearing prelims or not, if your goal is to clear the exam, start following it consistently! You will see the benefit in a few weeks. We promise to do our part and be prompt in the endeavors we undertake, all we need is your commitment and dedication. Are you ready to Ace the Mains? Tell us in the comments below!

Until next time!


CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD 75 Days Mains Revision Plan 2022 

Revision Plan Starts from 20th June 2022


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