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[MISSION 2022] Insights SECURE 2022 : Mini Secure Revision Test: 11 June 2022


How to Follow Secure Initiative?

How to Self-evaluate your answer? 



Answer the following questions in 150 words:

General Studies – 1


1. Do you think that a Uniform Civil Code (UCC) could be a possible solution to end communalism in the Indian society? Critically comment. (250 words)

Reference: The Hindu

General Studies – 2


2: What do you understand by digital democracy? Examine its relations with various aspects of governance. (250 words)

Reference: Indian Express


3. The Speaker has to remain neutral and act independently of political morality and pressure. How can we guarantee the Speaker’s impartiality? (250 words)

Reference: Insights on India

General Studies – 3


4. What is Plasticulture? Do you think its environmental costs outweigh its economic benefits? Critically comment. (250 words)

Reference: Hindustan Times


5. What is stagflation? What are the factors that lead stagflation? How can the Indian economy avoid it amidst rising inflationary pressures? Discuss.

Reference: Live MintThe Hindu


Answer the following questions in 250 words(15 marks each):

General Studies – 1


6. The Chola period witnessed remarkable development in sculptures and bronze works with a special emphasis on Hindu iconography. They portray a classic grace, grandeur and taste. Discuss. (250 words)

Reference: Indian ExpressInsights on India


General Studies – 2


7. For India to transform into a deeply participatory democracy, India needs a strong Pre-Legislative Consultative Policy which strengthens the legitimacy and credibility of the legislative action and facilitates accountability. Examine. (250 words)

Reference: Live Mint


8. The formation of the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity (IPEF) holds good potential for India with respect to economic growth and integration but India must be careful of the pitfalls it may pose in the future. Analyse. (250 words)

Reference: The Hindu


General Studies – 3


9. Evaluate India’s response to the climate change crisis. Has India has prioritised economic growth over environmental sustainability? (250 words)

Reference: Financial Express


10. What is assistive technology? Discuss its role in lowering barriers faced by People with disabilities. What steps are required to ensure that this technology is available to the masses with minimal cost? (250 words)

Reference: Indian Express

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