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[ Video ] FACE PRELIMS, DON’T LET IT FAZE YOU – Vinay sir, Founder & Director, Insights IAS



The countdown has begun! Two weeks to go for Prelims 2022– an exam that will put you in an extraordinary position.

In this video, Our Founder & Director, Mr. Vinay GB, has a special message for you all and has answered the common questions & dilemmas that most aspirants go through in the last few days before the exam.

You may be puzzled about what has to be done in the last few days – Revise notes and reference books or solve more MCQs? Which MCQs to solve? Again, should you be worried with your scores in mock tests now? How to balance revision of static part and current affairs?

Remember, the most of important of all – your attitude towards the exam. It is IMPORTANT to stay calm and relaxed. This exam is just a small step towards your larger scheme of things where you are empowering yourself.

Be resilient!

Enjoy reading, revising and solving MCQs.

Trust your preparation and Believe in YOURSELF!

Do watch the video & steer yourself in the right direction towards your goal.