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[Motivation] Don’t Hold Anything Back. Do It Totally


We are not ONE. We are multiple Ones. When we are reading books, our mind will be on today’s IPL match; while we are in the class, our mind will be thinking of an uncertain future, while we are giving Mock tests, we are jealous of our friends who got settled with MNC, Marriage, funs and what not. 


Whatever we do, we don’t get immersed 100% totally into it. Our one part always longs for something else. We Always find some dissatisfaction with our current state. We hesitate to accept and embrace our present state. We fail to understand that our present struggles will be the best part of our life. We always curse what we are and what we have. Because we literally live with the attitude of “The grass is always greener on the other side”. 



All our worries, anxieties and neurosis comes from this division inside our mind, and separation of self from the universal driving power. Divisions distract our energy. Division pulls our energy in different directions. Our life will be like a kite without the thread.


Why are we divided?

Because our ambition(conscious mind) wants to achieve Power, Money, and Social Status. But our inner desires(subconscious mind) want to do something else – it might still want to engage in social services/NGOs/non-economic activities or to pursue some interesting hobbies or anything which heart feels good. Also, our deeper Self(unconscious) wants to get indulged in sensual pleasures, attract and mingle with the opposite gender, to fulfil the animalistic cravings.


How to Unite?

The word Yoga comes from the Sanskrit root “YUJ”. It means “to unite”, “to join”, “to add”. The whole effort of the Ashtanga Path of Yoga is to unite our divided selves into a single one, to unite our SELF with the Existence.

Elevate your motivation for UPSC to such a level that it completely occupies all 3 layers of Mind – Conscious/Subconscious/Unconscious mind. Repeat the motivation when you wake up, when you pray to God, when you are having the food, and before going to bed. Chant the Mantra of UPSC as many times as possible daily. Repetition is the key technique for Self-Hypnotization. UPSC should reach your DNA. All your thoughts, emotions, behaviours, and plans should be directed to this single goal only. Everything else should become secondary.


How to Practice Yogic Principles in the UPSC journey?

Bhagavad Gita says, “what has happened, is happening, will happen, happens for good. Focus only on your efforts.”. Yoga says “Focus on purifying your Breath, Asana and Thoughts. Avoid the wandering thoughts”. All major religions of India: Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism says, “FOCUS ON PRESENT MOMENT. LIFE SALVATION IS IN PRESENT MOMENT”.

Hence, as a UPSC aspirant, try to focus all your attention on the tasks at your hand. Try to come to terms with the emotional conflicts you have. Try to close the pending issues with family, friends, or any other persons. Try to resolve all the pending tickets you have in your mind. Unburden your heart. 


The only fundamental secret to success in UPSC or in any SADHANA PATH(success journey) is to remain Calm Yet Focussed. Hence, channelise all your energy into this one goal. Don’t hold anything back. Do it totally.