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ESSAY SYNOPSIS : Loyalty to Country Always. Loyalty to Government Only When It Deserves


Insights Weekly Essay Challenges 2022 – Week 72: Loyalty To Country Always. Loyalty To Government Only When It Deserves


Disclaimer: This is a mere outline to get you to start thinking about the topic. This is not a synopsis or a model essay. Just brainstorming. We’re eager to read your essays! Please post them in the comments. 



It’s a quote by Mark Twain. Explain the context under which he said it. Define loyalty- Give a broad based definition, don’t limit it the topic. Elaborate on the types (loyalty in personal & professional relationships, loyalty to one’s values, principles, etc). Give examples.


Para 2: 

What is a country? What is a government? Explain. Do they differ? If yes, how & why? Explain loyalty to the country & loyalty to the govt with simple examples.


Para 3: 

Delve deeper into “Loyalty to the country”. Why is it necessary always? Why is it non-negotiable?


Para 4:

Write about the different forms of demonstrating loyalty to the country. Mention the relevant constitutional provisions- Fundamental Duties, Fundamental Rights, DPSP. Delve a bit into history- the independence struggle- how was loyalty showcased then?


Para 5:  Mention various dimensions of showcasing loyalty to the country. Give a timeline as to how it progressed through the ages.

Loyalty through service for the country, abhorring corruption, crime. To ensure the prosperity of the country- we must first ensure the overall prosperity of all its citizens. Loyalty can be showcased through improving human capital, social capital. Ensuring equity in health, education, employment. Reverse brain drain. Preserving & protecting the natural capital.

Utilizing one’s abilities to be of service to fellow citizens & the nation. International dimension- Diaspora.

Give examples. Swami Vivekananda, Gandhiji, and various other prominent personalities.


Para 6: 

Loyalty to the govt. We’ve explained what is meant by govt earlier. Mention different types of govt: monarchy, oligarchy, democracy, dictatorship, etc. When does a govt “deserve” loyalty? Why is the loyalty conditional? Give examples. Is a govt infallible?


Para 7:

Mention the various deficiencies a govt is prone to- how to counter them (people are the popular sovereign). Panopticon, Digital surveillance. Give examples. Mal administration, encouraging the creation of a divisive society, etc


Para 8: 

Give examples. Independence struggle- Gandhiji- sedition- quotes, anecdotes. Include International examples too.


Para 9: 

What does a govt have to do to deserve loyalty? Good governance. Write about the various models & case studies. Mention indices released by various organizations even Niti Aayog.


Let your creativity flow, think of various questions, issues & dimensions.


Para 10:

Mention Supreme Court Cases on these topics- the judgments’. International scenario too. Case studies.


Para 11:

Give a positive and holistic conclusion. The role of loyalty & patriotism in a country. Who is an ideal citizen, what defines an ideal govt? How do we ensure overall progress? What makes a nation successful?