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[Mission 2022] Insta– QUED ( Questions from Editorials ) 28 April 2022



Editorials Quiz 2021-22

Introducing yet another ingenious course, InsightsIAS is excited to announce our new initiative QUED – Questions from Editorials. Considering the number of questions that appeared from Editorials in previous year UPSC Prelims Examinations, we feel it is wise for students to cover Editorials from Prelims point of view as well in order to achieve that extra edge. Although, we have covered important editorials separately in our Editorial Section as well as under Secure Initiative, MCQ practice can prove to be crucial for better performance and guaranteed result.

We strongly recommend you at add QUED along with Static Quiz ,Current Affairs Quiz and RTM for your Daily MCQ practice.

We will be posting 5 MCQs at 11am everyday from Monday to Saturday on QUED will be available under QUIZ menu.

We hope students utilize this initiative to the best of advantage.  🙂



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