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ESSAY SYNOPSIS : Successful Investing Is Anticipating The Anticipations of Others


Insights Weekly Essay Challenges 2022 – Week 71 : Successful Investing Is Anticipating The Anticipations of Others


Disclaimer: This is a mere outline to get you to start thinking about the topic. This is not a synopsis or a model essay. Just brainstorming. We’re eager to read your insightful essays! Please post them in the comments. 



It’s a quote by John Maynard Keynes. Explain the context in which it was said. Define investing & explain when does it become successful. Give a broad based definition; don’t limit it to the sphere of economics. Give examples.


Para 2: 

Elaborate a bit on why is it necessary to anticipate the anticipations of others. On the lines of: an investment becomes successful when the investor is able to decipher the expectations & needs of others, there will be return on the investment & profit. Give an Example. Mention indices – this will help to state that mere economic investment for growth & development isn’t enough. We need holistic investments that anticipate the present day needs.


Para 3 onwards you may cover various dimensions/sectors.

Entrepreneurship, examples, show a timeline through history of how new investments were made over time in order to serve the needs of those times. Disruptive technologies. Substantiate with examples. Metaverse investing.


Para 4: Social entrepreneurship, social stock exchanges. Examples. Govt Schemes. Public investments. Stakeholder capitalism. Investing in an egalitarian society.

ESG investing (ethical, social, governance)


Para 5: In the sphere of Education – what does successful investing look like? What needs should one anticipate? Give examples.


Para 6: Health:  Precision medicine, wearables, genetic engineering, Pandemics, vaccine equity, etc.


Para 7: Infrastructure:

Urbanization & it’s evolution, transport & communication. Municipal bonds. Give examples. Green buildings.


Para 8: Environment: Green investments. Green bonds. Circular economy. Clean tech. Renewable energy. State examples and explain.


Para 9: International Relations & foreign policy: how should we invest in relations anticipating the future? Energy diplomacy, connectivity, trade…. Substantiate with examples.


Para 10: Write a philosophical dimension: investing in ourselves anticipating our own needs is essential. Elaborate with examples. The great resignation, health & well-being is of primary importance. Investing in relationships.

Ethical Investing:

It is the practice of using one’s ethical principles as the primary filter for the selection of investments (socially conscious investing). Give examples.

Para 11: Ethical dimension (utilize your knowledge of GS Paper 4). Values are an important investment. We must start young: honesty, generosity, selflessness, integrity, unity in thought, word & deed. How is this successful investing?  Imbibing these values promises great returns, not only to us but also to our family, society and nation. What kind of returns? Peace, Love, contentment. Being content is true success. A stellar character reaps rich dividends & helps fulfill the expectations of a just and noble society where being humane is the primary goal. Give an example to substantiate. This investment anticipates the anticipations of the world in distress: wars, pandemics, migrations, famines, communalism, the divisive nature of society, etc and will help ameliorate the dismal conditions.


You may add various other dimensions- let your creativity flow. Utilize case studies too.

You may also write about what happens when failure to anticipate others needs leads to unsuccessful investments. Give examples. Also speak about high risk, high returns or risk aversion mindset: is it good or bad?


Conclusion: End the essay on a positive & holistic note. State the benefits of investing with awareness & how it leads to overall prosperity. Economical, Ethical, Socially conscious investing is the way ahead.