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[ Registrations Open : SCHOLARSHIP TEST ] OGP 2023 / InstaClasses 2023 in DELHI : A full-fledged classroom program for Freshers – Scholarship test on 12th April 2022


InstaClasses / OGP 2023 Batch 1 DELHI Centre :

Starts from : 25th April 2022

Fee: Online Classes : Rs. 110000/- incl. taxes

Offline Classes : Rs. 135000/- incl. taxes

Early Bird Offer:

Offline Classes : 15% discount till 15th April 2022

Online Classes : 10% discount till 15th April 2022







Scholarship Details:

To encourage the potential candidates avail scholarship, we are conducting a Scholarship Test on 12th April 2022. This scholarship is for students taking OGP Classes in Delhi Centre.

Scholarship Test Details:

Date: 12th April 2022

Mode : Offline (Delhi centre) & Online

Type : MCQs (100Qs)

Marks per Question: 2marks

Negative Marking: 0.67 marks

Duration : 1 hour for Online mode

2 hours for Offline mode

Note: Students who are taking the test in the online mode will get test link and credentials on 11th evening


Take Aways:

    • Top 10 ranks: Full scholarship
    • Ranks 11-30: 30% scholarship
    • Ranks 31-50: 20% scholarship



Female Aspirants in,

    • Top 50 Ranks : Full Scholarship
    • In Ranks 51 -150 : 50% scholarship
    • In Ranks 151 – 250 : 30% scholarship

Special Scholarship for Students with BPL Card:

    • Ranks 11 – 100 : 50% scholarship


Last Date to register : 11th April 2022 4pm



We are excited to announce our first OGP batch in our Delhi Centre which starts from 25th April 2022.

Our Best faculties from Bengaluru and all over India will be teaching in Delhi Centre who stand to the motto of being result-oriented and simplifying the preparation.

Classes coupled with our emphasis on Mains answer writing and personalized mentorship will be a game changer for aspirants. 


    • One-on-One Personal Mentorship throughout the course
    • Daily MCQs practice in Class
    • Daily answer writing practice in class
    • Weekly, fortnightly , monthly prelims-cum-mains tests
    • Weekly assessment session by Vinay Sir and Other Experienced Faculties
    • Free reading space in classroom for top 50 students(when not occupied)
    • Free Core Batch for Top 30 performing students of OGP
    • Free I-WIL mains test series for Top 30 performing students of OGP
    • Free APEC Classes for Top 30 performing students of OGP


If you are reading this post, we assume you are aiming to enter into the prestigious post – Civil Services, that gives you a unique opportunity and power to reach every nook and corner of the society; bring valuable positive changes in the lives of our people, especially the most vulnerable sections.

We suggest all the freshers to read further to know about What Civil Services examination is.

Civil services examination is considered the most difficult exam considering the level of competition. Getting into Civil Services can be compared to  getting out of a Funnel. The entry is huge with Nearly one million people preparing for this exam and their numbers are ever increasing. Of these 4-5 lakhs take the preliminary exam every year, but only the top 700-900 make it to the final list.

Competition coupled with vastness in syllabus makes it challenging for an aspirant to imbibe the right approach to the exam.

However, as the famous saying goes, nothing is impossible, cracking UPSC CSE is not impossible as well. This exam requires determination, dedication, perseverance, disciplined study, right attitude, strong fundamentals, rationality and consistency.

The examination process is very well crafted to get the best out of aspirants as well as get the best into the field. Every phase in the examination aims to filter the capable aspirants.

To all the beginners, the UPSC CSE is conducted in three phases – Preliminary, Mains and Interview.

If Prelims exam Objectively analyses the thought process of the aspirants, Mains Exam provides more space to express and subjectively analyze the rationality, decision making & ethical competence of the to-be officers and the Interview Stage will let a panel of experienced officers assess the personality through an effective process.

If we analyse the trends in UPSC for the past 5 years, the below generic observations can be made

  • The entire examination stands by its value of having a great generalist who can bring continuity and change to the administration no matter what the political scenario is.

In this regard, the exam ensures to pose generic questions which require inquisitiveness and presence of mind to make the difference. Though every topic seems familiar, the way one brings out rational analysis, unique examples & linkages and better presentation matters to get an edge in the exam.

If one has to understand & internalize the demand of a question, and manage to write to the point answers within the time-limit, it is very much important to have conceptual clarity along with intense practice.

  • There is emphasis on Static Questions in both Prelims and Mains to check the conceptual clarity and fundamentals.
  • It is not the era of direct current affairs now : Current affairs had occupied a major part in the previous years. Of late, the examination has brought Current affairs through linkages with static parts which again inevitably demands basic conceptual clarity.
  • Optional Subjects are normalised and level playing field is given to every optional subject. There are no extremes in the scores of optional. Hence one cannot rely on getting through the exam with having an upper hand with just one subject.
  • Essay paper has more philosophical and analytical topics which would evidently make one go beyond GS objective topics and widen the horizon of thought process.


On the whole, the current trend says, one has to give equal importance to all the subjects. What UPSC is looking forward to is to recruit individuals who can think out of the box, who can find solutions to problems objectively as well as quickly. In the current trend, one with strong personality traits of inquisitiveness, presence of mind, intellectual integrity and depth, moral integrity and trait of adaptability to dynamic situations.

As a UPSC aspirant you should not only strive to gain knowledge about every topic in syllabus, but you should also consciously work towards building a good personality with an attitude that is necessary to succeed as a civil servant.

To imbibe the entire examination process, one has to have the right attitude to understand the demand, develop a personality that an officer should have and hence should start working on one’s personality right from the beginning.

And all these are not difficult. One can definitely learn and build all these qualities with right guidance and approach.


 In this regard, our very successful initiative – InstaClasses / OGP is making its best efforts to ensure that an aspirant gets everything required to clear the Civil services exam at one place.

Our previous results have reinstated that the strategy followed by us has been fruitful in students fetching good ranks – with top rankers from OGP being – Jeydev CS Rank 5 , OGP2019 & Vaibhav Rawat Rank 25 OGP 2020.




Our promising and result oriented faculties & mentors, content team which works round the clock to deliver the best quality content, student friendly management and staff makes the entire atmosphere best suitable for students.

Most of all, the entire team is led by Mr. Vinay Kumar G.B whose motto is to deliver great officers to the nation. He has ensured that the institution is built with values and oriented towards results.

Below results trajectory is an instance of our motto of producing stellar results year on year:

Institution goes an extra mile to ensure our students are satisfied and happy.

Apart from making your preparation easier with our course, we have a full time Success & Mindset coach, Mrs. Arati Patil who has been relentlessly working with our students ensuring impeccable mental health to endure this arduous journey of Civil Service preparation.

Ignite@Insights –  very successful program which provides an opportunity to students to meet the stalwarts of our Nation whose experience, exemplary achievements, wisdom serve as true inspiration and encourage aspirants to pursue the preparation with even more dedication. The stories and tribulations shared by the country’s top bureaucrats and other accomplished personalities, in addition to intellectual stimulation, helps you get the right perspective on issues that really matter for every Indian today. Getting clarity about why you want to be in the Civil Services is the best thing that can happen to you any day. Because, this clarity will keep propelling you towards your goal. And what more, it helps you score handsome marks in UPSC interview too.


We are excited to announce our first OGP batch in our Delhi Centre which starts from 25th April 2022.

Our Best faculties from Bengaluru and all over India will be teaching in Delhi Centre who stand to the motto of being result-oriented and simplifying the preparation.

Classes coupled with our emphasis on Mains answer writing and personalized mentorship will be a game changer for aspirants. 

InstaClasses / OGP 2023 will be suitable for students looking for full Fledged Classroom program for UPSC CSE 2023.


With the ultimate aim of getting ranks to our students and preparing them to be the finest officers, we have designed a Holistic and Intensive Classroom program – InstaClasses which is a great blend of multiple features tailor-made for freshers.

It is a full-fledged program for UPSC CSE 2023 (Prelims + Mains + Interview) which keeps you occupied for the next 12-15 months.

Our InstaClasses Program (Online & Offline) is a benchmark initiative when it comes to delivering quality training to Civil Service aspirants.


Our entire strategy for classroom program is driven by the unique approach of *EQUIP strategy. Most of our initiatives are intended to teach you how to fish rather than give you ready-made meals to savour. Carrying forward the same approach, we have evolved EQUIP strategy to impart classroom program for you to learn skills necessary to clear this exam.


Highlights of the Program:

  1. InstaClasses 2023 will be Online as well as Offline. Offline students will be getting classes in the online mode only during adversities.
  2. The main objective of this course is to provide personalized learning by empowering serious aspirants to establish strong foundations of basics, achieve conceptual clarity, build on it by inculcating analytical skills, interact with and be mentored by trusted faculty at every step and adapt their preparation to the dynamic nature of this examination.
  3. Unique Timetable and flexible model of teaching suitable for Working professionals as well as students.
  4. InstaClasses are structured with Subject-wise teaching, comprising classes for every subject covering the entire syllabus from scratch for Prelims and Mains, Daily Revision Tests, Weekly Revision Tests for Prelims, Fortnightly Mains Revision Tests, Full Length Prelims and Mains tests after every subject is covered, All India Prelims Test Series, Doubt’s clearance session with faculty, Mentor-ship and most importantly – a Success and Mindset Coach.
  5. We have ensured that Online students get ALL the facilities that are being offered in Offline mode, so as to make your preparation holistic and hassle free even at the comfort of your homes/offices with our InstaCourses Portal.
  6. InstaClasses comprehensively covers the Entire Syllabus (GS + CSAT) with ETHICS and ESSAY integrated in the timetable.
  7. Weekly Current Affairs Classes along with daily current affairs material ensures to give you broader perspective and analyses of all important current events.
  8. Our Prestigious Ignite@insights initiative provides rare chances for our students to listen and meet eminent personalities and learn from their experiences.
  9. We take pride in Starting a unique initiative LECTURE SERIES of Special Classes on Subjects by Retired officers and specialists in respective fields.


Features that You will Use in InstaClasses Online Portal:

(All Images are for representative purpose)


InstaClasses Course Dashboard:

  1. Staying Disciplined is utmost important for UPSC CSE Preparation. You need to keep track on your studies and do not miss anything. Your Course Dashboard helps you in this

 Course Dashboard displays the overall stats of your progress in the class. It nudges you to stay UpToDate by acting as reminder for Tests, Recorded Classes to be watched for online students, upcoming Live Classes for online students, Latest Updates etc.  Once you start taking Prelims and Mains Tests, your progress stats with respect to scores, performance and other analysis will also appear in this Course Dashboard.

  1. All Classes are arranged Systematically Subject wise ( In the sample screenshot, we have loaded only one subject-wise for representative purpose). On clicking Take Class under the respective subjects

-You can either watch the Live Class Scheduled or watch the Recorded Class Later.(Online class students)

-Prelims and Mains Tests for Each topic/class will be provided on the same day. After the Class, you can write the Prelims test and Mains tests.

-Your Prelims scores, Analytics of your performance and Mains Answers will be automatically made available to your mentor so that your mentor can guide you to improve your scores.


Classes Subjects Listing


Classes – Live + Recorded


Recorded Class 

In Every Class, either LIVE / Recorded, you will be given the gist of the class and also the Materials to Download


Doubts Corner:

Doubts are addressed at three levels:

  1. Doubts During Live Class
  2. Doubts after watching Recorded Class
  3. Doubts/discussion among peers anytime

In Live Classes, Doubts can be asked during the class itself in the Q&A session or through Live Chat Box. Faculty will answer the doubts in the classes during the doubts clearance session. However, we have also enabled the Doubts Corner for those students who watch Recorded Class. Doubts can be posted and faculty will reply you via mail. Apart from these you can also post doubts in the DisQus Comments space provided. This will also help you to discuss doubts among your friends


Class Feedback:

Feedback is INDEED VERY IMPORTANT for us. It helps us know the expectations of students and also improve further. You can give feedback after every class


Overall Performance:

Detailed Cumulative Performance analysis of all tests taken by you is made available with different infographics. The widest analytics will help you know your strengths and weaknesses, where to concentrate, how to proceed further.




Each student is assigned a mentor – a personal guide to help you throughout. You can reach your mentor(both Online & Offline students) at any point of time by just booking a slot and get all your doubts cleared, get your answers and essays evaluated personally, learn strategies, seek help to follow a self-study timetable. Your mentor will be ready to help you anytime.

You can track your mentorship sessions with queries asked, suggestions received, improvement after incorporating suggestions given by mentor etc

Process to book slots for mentorship will be made available to you after enrolment.


Success & Mindset Coach:

Amidst uncertainties around, ups and downs in the surrounding, some glitches in preparation, small hiccups in life is not uncommon. Every person at some point of time would go through all of these. Civil Services aspirant is no different. In fact, with so much to study and discipline to be maintained throughout, Stress within, pressure from family and friends to clear the exam pushes students more into the vicious cycle of being worried. Students need a hand to hold and help tackle the downs that they face.

Mrs Arati Patil, a full time Success & Mindset coach, NLP Coach, Psychotherapist who has vast experience in this field will be with you to help you throughout.

You can book slots to avail the sessions of Life Coach.

Process to book slots for Success & Mindset Coach will be made available to you after enrolment.

There are many more features that you will eventually discover. What matters is your success – both for you and us. To succeed, as already mentioned above, you must use the resources to the maximum and get benefits out of them. If you are confident of making use of InstaClasses-2023 to your advantage, don’t think twice.


Course Subscription Details :


InstaClasses / OGP 2023 Batch 1 DELHI Centre :

Starts from : 25th April 2022

Fee: Online Classes : Rs. 110000/- incl. taxes

Offline Classes : Rs. 135000/- incl. taxes

Early Bird Offer:

Offline Classes : 15% discount till 15th April 2022

Online Classes : 10% discount till 15th April 2022








( Course valid till Mains exam 2023)


For any queries contact,

mail :


Bangalore Office : 7483163074 / 9380863034

Delhi Office : 7303318519 / 011-49520205

Hyderabad Office : 8688512637

Srinagar Office : +91 143560002



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