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InsightsIAS INSTA 75 Days Revision Plan – Instructions and Strategies: Assess your Daily Performance with MITRA (My Insta Test Revision and Assessment) booklet!

CSAT Plan for Insta 75 Days Revision Plan Click Here 

Dear Insightians,

Here, We are presenting you some instructions to get the maximum benefits out of the INSTA 75 Days Revision Plan – 2022

insights ias insta 75 days plan 2020Consistency and Discipline:

 These two words can’t be over-stressed enough.

a) Time: When you practice a certain activity at a particular Time and Place for 21 days, it becomes your habit and part of your life. Our daily InstaTest of 30 Questions (25 GS + 5 CSAT) will be available to you by 8 PM evening every day as per the timetable. Hence, we recommend you to give the INSTA Revision Test at exactly 8 PM every day. No Matter what comes for the next 75 days. It sets a great momentum and you will train your mind to be on High Alert during that time.

As we have already pointed out, staying consistent with this InstaPlan will help you revise very effectively, and that too multiple times. Staying consistent requires strict discipline and strong determination. Now in these times of Coronavirus pandemic, the best thing you can do is to stay at home and stick to this plan. This will keep you busy and safe too.

b) Place: Choose a place where you will be undisturbed for the next 1 hour while giving InstaTests. Equip yourself with all the required Stationary on your table. Sit with all the seriousness of the examination To read this point, it appears fancy. But it has great benefits (such as helping you concentrate on improving your skills of elimination, intelligent guessing etc) – especially when you give high stakes exams like UPSC. As already pointed in the first point – it’s better you stay at home or in your room.

c) OMR Sheets: Try to mark your options in the OMR sheets, in addition to clicking online. We are providing you with a PDF of 75 OMR sheets. Take its printout and mark all tests in it daily. Track your scores, and also consistency. We will call this OMR document as ‘My Insta Tests Revision & Assessment’ (MITRA) sheets.

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Download MITRA Sheets Here 

Many aspirants make silly mistakes in the UPSC Prelims such as wrongly marking their Admission ticket no. or confusing with the Q no.s. Practice your roll number (as of now hypothetical and later real one) and names on the MITRA sheets daily.

Click the MITRA sheet  photo and post it in the comments section after calculating your scores.



In the Initial days, try to focus on increasing your Accuracy and minimizing the errors. Play a safe and defensive game. Hence give more time to make educated guesses and less importance for the score initially. Read our articles on Intelligent Guessing and Elimination tactics(avoiding overthinking) and apply here routinely.


It is very common among the aspirants to give tests, reading the synopsis and moving on. But the most important thing in every test is to Do the analysis of our MCQ Skills. We should try to analyse our marking pattern, develop the ability to identify the difficulty of Question – whether it is a bouncer or Yorker, realise our strengths and weak parts of our studies and to prepare accordingly.

You can maintain a record of errors, silly mistakes, wrong guessing, time taken etc that  you make in InstaTests in the MITRA sheets itself. It will be very much handy during the last week of UPSC Prelims – 2022 exam.

Allot 1 to 1.5 hour every day exclusively for giving the test and post-analysis. It will reduce as you gain control over the MCQ Skills.

Hence, we recommend you to post the OMR sheet and the related notes on Comment Sections.



We will try to dissect the InstaTest Question paper daily and present you the best possible explanations. We have mentors who have scored successively highest marks in the Previous UPSC Prelims (130 to 140+ scores). They will try to clear all your doubts related to prelims and InstaQuestions. And also probable cut off for that day’s Test.

Note: Once in Ten days we will provide ours (written by Insights Team) Environment Question Bank (Oxford University Press) for Top 10 participants in daily InstaTests.

More will be updated as you progress along with the plan.

We want you to be the best you can be when you go for Prelims-2022. This plan, when followed, will help you build your concepts and facts exponentially – which will be ultimately useful during Mains as well. In the end, you will be very much empowered and you will be at your competitive best.

Happy INSTA 75 Days Revision Plan!