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The Indian navy is taking great strides in diversification and modernisation by developing systems which are not only indigenous but are also highly advanced.

Role of India’s Navy in various field are:

  • The Indian Navy is one of the 3 wings of the defense force, which safeguard the country’s boarders in water.
  • The nuclear ballistic submarines, SSBN, the first indigenously built of which is under commissioning, provides India the strategic second strike nuclear capability. It is a nuclear deterrent strategy.
  • In times of crisis like that in Yemen earlier this year, Indian warship rescued many nationals including Indians.
  • The naval vessels are deployed to rescue people during natural disaster like currently the INS Airabat in Tamil Nadu is rescuing people from flood.
  • The merchant navy safeguard Indian merchant vessels thereby increasing safeguard for business
  • Indian warships off the Mozambique coast,in gulf of Aden, Malacca strait etc provide safeguard against pirates
  • Under project MASUM which seeks to establish cultural linkages with south east Asian countries Indian vessels navigate the waters of those countries and get their officials on board and improve bilateral relations
  • Joint military exercise by Indian Navy with their counterpart of Australia , Indonesia and many other countries to improve ties and safeguard international waters.

This capability is provided to India by its navy and plays a crucial role in safeguarding our interests in following ways:

  • With the joint naval exercises like MALABAR (India-USA-Japan),
    and Indian ocean Symposium with IOR nations in areas of
    counter terror, piracy, disaster relief, Navy helps us to strengthen our
    position for a win bilateral & multilateral relationships.
  • With modern aircraft carriers and other arms, Navy provides necessary deterrence especially against Pakistan with its fleet presence in N-Arabian sea, protecting the deep sea exploration infrastructure, R&D vessels and safeguarding Garland highway connecting C-Asia. India’s 90% trade
    and bulk of oil imports are via seas where Navy provides security to our
    economic growth.
  • Promoting collective security by protecting order of sea, International
    sea lanes, EEZ and makes us net security provider in the region and helps us to reap economic interests by leveraging this strategic location.
  • To protect Indian long coastline from terror attacks like 26/11 with
    the help of Network of coastal radars and Sagar Prahari Bal, Navy reinforces the national security.
  • military engagement with S-Asian and S-E Asian nations along with
    capacity building, humanitarian aids (Maldives water crisis) and training(INS
    Sudarshini with ASEAN) helps us to build trust and strengthens our relations

In the context of the role played Indian navy is of prime importance:

  • Rescue and relief operation; such as floods in Bihar, Jammu & Kasmir, recently in Chennai.
  • Its deployment off shore in the international water in Far East and west ie the Strait of Malacca and the Gulf of Aden respectively act as a messenger of goodwill and friendship and also provide security and assistance at the time of natural disasters such as tsunami, the Yemen crisis.
  • Maritime security; Indian navy as a net maritime security provider in cooperation with all others similarly willing and standing for the safety of commerce and freedom of navigation at sea.
  • National security; possessing vast coastal area, Indian navy is the stalwart to check the security threat from the different terror groups like Lasker-e -taeba, Al quaeda and the ISIS. It also checks the violation of maritime right by neighboring countries such fishing, oil exploring, precious material and other economical activities.
  • Third eye of India’s military prowess; the best example of the Hindu tradition in which Lord Shiva posses third eye. Its importance implies in it that It strengthen India’s second strike capacity incase of nuclear war. So it is the guarantor of India’s ‘no-first use’ policy.
  • It thwart any ill-minded interest of our enemy country as in the Kargil war, before departing of US navy towards Bay of Bengal, India deployed its navy in the northern Arabian sea. It is the unique face which the other two services do not have.
  • Thus, it is recognisation by the international community that India stands at forefront to provide maritime security. India has a robust and strong blue water power in S-Asia and S-E Asia,