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[MISSION 2022] Insights SECURE 2022 : Full Length Secure Revision Test: 12 March 2022



How to Follow Secure Initiative?

How to Self-evaluate your answer? 



Answer the following questions in 150 words:

General Studies – 1


1. The socio-religious reform movement took a new orientation under Jyotiba Phule and Savitri Bai Phule as it became more inclusive and empowering. Elaborate. (150 words, 10 marks)


2. Start-ups can act as an agent of change by solving issues faced by the Indian society. Discuss. (150 words, 10 marks)


3. Water stress causes deterioration of fresh water resources in terms of quantity as well as quality. Suggest steps to overcome water stress in the country. (150 words, 10 marks)

General Studies – 2


4. Throw light on the problems faced by the elderly population. Examine the various welfare measures available for the elderly. Do you think that elderly homes should be formally regulated? (150 words, 10 marks)


5. ‘India Digital Ecosystem Architecture (IndEA) 2.0’ represents a paradigm shift in the digital governance of the country which can lead to better citizen centric service delivery. Discuss. (150 words, 10 marks)


6. India and Bangladesh’s bond stresses far beyond the calculus of strategic consideration, and it is rooted in close people-to-people connectivity. Analyse. (150 words, 10 marks)

General Studies – 3


7. Elaborate upon the functions of Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Why is RBI known as the ‘lender of the last resort’? (150 words, 10 marks)


8. Explain the concept of open market operations (OMO). What is its impact on various macroeconomic parameters? (150 words, 10 marks)


9. Nanotechnology in medicine has a myriad of applications as well as it offers some exciting possibilities which can revolutionise modern medicine. Discuss. (150 words, 10 marks)


10. What are the causes due to which Landslides occur? Suggest ways to mitigate the impact of landslides. (150 words, 10 marks)


Answer the following questions in 250 words:

General Studies – 1


11. Analyse the elements of continuity and change witnessed in the architecture of Mughals under Shahjahan. (250 words, 15 marks)


12. Crimean Peninsula has been a source of turmoil in European politics right since the nineteenth century. In the light of this statement, examine the impact of Crimean war (1853-1856) on Europe. (250 words, 15 marks)


13. Self Help Groups (SHG’s) have become indispensable as an agency of women empowerment but their potential is yet to be fully harnessed as it remains constrained by various factors. Analyse. (250 words, 15 marks)

General Studies – 2


14. Currently, the number women law makers in the parliament is at a historical high. However, the number is still low compared to other countries. Suggest measures to improve the representation of women in legislative bodies. (250 words, 15 marks)


15. Lokpal and Lokayutka as the ombudsmen for anti-corruption are under performing and needs reforms for it achieve their true potential and ensure accountability in the administration. (250 words, 15 marks)


16. Phygital education – a hybrid of physical and digital education systems is a good way forward to improve learning outcomes in the country but enabling infrastructure needs to be put in place for it be a success. Discuss. (250 words, 15 marks)

General Studies – 3


17. What are niche banks? Differentiate between Payment Banks and Small Finance Banks. Do you think niche banking has been a success in India? Evaluate. (250 words, 15 marks)


18. Do you think National Asset Reconstruction Company Limited (NARCL) can help the banks tide over their enormous NPA liabilities? Critically examine. (250 words, 15 marks)


19. Given the current situation, for a developing country like India, what should be the primary objective of monetary policy – accelerate growth or price stability? Critically examine. (250 words, 15 marks)


20. Analyse the potential of hydroelectric power in meeting India’s energy security targets? What are the associated risks which affect hydro power generation? (250 words, 15 marks)


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