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[ MUCH AWAITED ] Free INSTA 75 Days Revision Plan for Prelims 2022 starts from 23rd March 2022



Team InsightsIAS presents you the much awaited Insta 75 Days Revision Plan for Prelims 2022 which starts from 23rd March 2022.

With around 90days from now, you will be facing the first stage of the examination that lets you get into the most respected post that gives you a sea of opportunity to make better version of everything that you are posted for. Many of you might be excited and many of you might be scared to face prelims exam as well.

It is true that the recent trends of the Prelims exam is an indication that UPSC would want to select candidates with good aptitude – meaning who have strong fundamentals , presence of mind and think out of the box in limited time. How do you think you can acquire these attributes? Have you ever thought why only a few can make it to the list and many others who are well-read cannot?

The answer is plain and simple. It is the Consistency in what you do will pay you back. No amount of hard work can fetch you results if you are not consistent. Be it reading or revision or practice, you need to be consistent.


How do you think you can be consistent effortlessly?

It is through a good plan! Relying on a good plan helps you set appropriate goals, break a bigger problem of revision into pieces,reduce the risk of missing out, increase your credibility, get rid of self-doubt, gain an edge over competitors and most of all have a peace of mind.

We believe a structured revision and consistent practice is the most surest way to clear Prelims 2022 . Insta Revision plan has been a constant companion for sincere aspirants for the past years which went on to even extend for more than 4 months during COVID years.

Continuing our effort in ensuring we give a holistic timetable to keep you occupied in revision for the next 75 days, we again commit ourselves to provide you revision tests everyday by 8pm.

Insta 75 Days Revision plan keeps you focused, boosts your confidence and will keep you rewarded. We suggest you treat Insta Revision plan as your constant companion and best friend for the next 90 days for comprehensive revision.


Features of Insta 70 Days Revision Plan:

The Revision timetable has been formed keeping in mind the best interest of our students and after thorough analysis of the previous year Question Paper trends of UPSC. Accordingly, each subject has been allotted a specific timeframe to aid students in completing the syllabus (with standard sources) comprehensively. The focus has been laid on multiple revisions as it will help you to retain better.

  • Comprehensive coverage of syllabus with 3 Revisions.
  • Three times revision of InsightsIAS Prelims test series – Subject-wise test series and the Text book based test series both aligned with the revision timetable.
  • Four Revisions of InsightsIAS Monthly Current Affairs from June 2021 to April 2022
  • Three Revisions of Insights Daily Current Affairs Quiz from January 2021 to April 2022
  • Five Revisions of Yojana from January 2021 to May 2022
  • Three revisions of Insights Insta PT exclusive modules aligned with the subject that is being covered.
  • Space to cover previous Year UPSC papers from 2001 to 2021 in the last 20 days.
  • Daily – 25 high quality GS questions for practice, skill improvement, providing new information and improving mental toughness.
  • Daily – 5 CSAT Questions to ensure CSAT paper will not be a hurdle in clearing Prelims 2021 (Schedule for CSAT will be Uploaded shortly)
  • The content you gain right now will prove to be critical for gaining those crucial extra marks in Mains – 2022


It is normal to feel apprehensive if you can execute everything listed above in the limited time available now. The truth is that you are NOT expected to DO IT All. Timetables are framed in such a manner that even if you do 70-80% of what is given in the timetable, you are at your competitive best.

Dedication & commitment for self-improvisations every single day will let you follow the schedule with confidence.

Questions will be posted every single day. They have been framed by the best minds and utmost care to ensure a mix of knowledge and skill testing.

It’s the perfect time for you to ACT and EXECUTE your plans if clearing Prelims 2022 is your goal. Come out of all your inhibitions and limitations. Move beyond self-doubt. There is still sufficient time for you to up your ante and boost your confidence. Those who train hard and utilise these 100+ days to the maximum will have the best chance to get through.




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