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Inter-Operable Criminal Justice System Project:

GS Paper 3:

Topics Covered: Cyber security related issues.



The central government has approved the implementation of Phase II of the Inter-Operable Criminal Justice System (ICJS) project by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

  • It has been approved at a total cost of Rs 3,375 crore during the period from 2022-23 to 2025-26.


What is the Inter-Operable Criminal Justice System Project?

ICJS is a national platform which invloves integration of the main IT system used for delivery of Criminal Justice in the country.

This includes integration of the five pillars of the system:

  1. Police (through Crime and Criminal Tracking and Network Systems).
  2. e-Forensics for Forensic Labs.
  3. e-Courts for Courts.
  4. e-Prosecution for Public Prosecutors.
  5. e-Prisons for Prisons.



National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) will be responsible for the implementation of the project in association with the National Informatics Centre (NIC).

  • The project will be implemented in collaboration with the States and Union Territories.


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Significance of the project:

It will be a step towards ensuring effective and modern policing.

  • It is going to be a major leap forward by digitizing the criminal justice records and making it accessible to law enforcement agencies, laboratories and courts.
  • This will not only make it far more difficult for persons to escape the consequences of their actions, it will also ensure that none, either the guilty or the innocent, is forgotten and that justice is equally meted to all.
  • It will not only save time but also make the system more robust and help to track criminals, solve crimes and make India a safer place.


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