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[Registrations Open] SCHOLARSHIP TEST for InstaClasses/OGP(Offline&Online Guidance Program) 2023 : Full-fledged Classroom Program for Freshers





What a great start we have this year! The fear, self-doubt which was around has melted and the confidence , the hope has been shining in most of us. The way we have been fighting the pandemic portrays that the struggle , the resilience, the systemic approach will definitely bear fruits.

If we look back and see, the health workers and Civil Servants were solid rocks in fighting pandemic. Civil Services is one such field that provides you an unique opportunity and power to reach every nook and corner of the society; bring valuable positive changes in the lives of our people, especially the most vulnerable sections.

You are here aspiring to get into that Prestigious post!

Nothing comes easy; but nothing is impossible as well – which we have very well realized the past two years. Civil Services exam – the coveted and prestigious exam, also considered the most difficult exam, has this simple mantra of imbibing disciplined study, strong fundamentals, rational thinking, multiple revisions and innate confidence  to reach the goal of clearing the exam.

The examination process is very well crafted to get the best out of aspirants as well as get the best into the field. Every phase in the examination aims to filter the capable aspirants.

To all the beginners, the UPSC CSE  is conducted in three phases – Preliminary, Mains and Interview.

If Prelims exam Objectively analyses the thought process of the aspirants, Mains Exam provides more space to express and subjectively analyze the rationality, decision making & ethical competence of the to-be officers and the Interview Stage will let a panel of experienced officers assess the personality through an effective process.


If we analyse the current trends of the examination, it is clear that all teh subjects must be given equal weightage. What UPSC hopes to recruit are individuals who can think outside the box and find objective and timely solutions to problems, one with strong personality traits of inquisitiveness, presence of mind, intellectual and moral integrity, and adaptability to dynamic situations.

As an UPSC aspirant, you should not only strive to learn everything in the syllabus, but you should also work hard to develop a good personality and the attitude required to succeed as a civil servant.

To understand the demand and develop a personality, one must have the right attitude to imbibe the entire examination process.

Overall, the journey through which an aspirant goes through, makes one learn and unlearn LIFE and transform into a better individual.


To ensure that the journey is easy and fruitful, our InstaClasses / OGP(Offline & Online Guidance Program) 2023 initiative tries its best to provide the finest guidance for freshers which includes classes for all subjects, prelims tests, Mains Tests, Mentorship and Interview guidance program, with special features as listed below.



Details of InstaClasses / OGP 2023:



  1. InstaClasses / OGP 2023 (Offline) Batch 1 in Bengaluru starts from 14th March 2022
  2. InstaClasses / OGP 2023 (Offline)Batch 1 in Delhi starts from 11th April 2022(tentatively)
  3. Offline students will be getting online classes when there are uncertain situations (wherein offline classes are not allowed during lockdown)
  4. Equip Approach   : – Explanation of Basic Concepts by faculty Q – Quest: A mini test comprising of MCQs and Mains Question- to help you  apply the acquired knowledgeU – Understand: Best form of understanding will be to internalise knowledge gained and enhance retention through test-discussions after every classI – Interact – Real-time interactivity with teachers contributes in qualitative    learning with instant doubt clearance.P – Perform – Taking tests once every week and fortnight becomes a part of your   routine preparing you to perform well in every test
  5. Integrated Classes for Prelims + Mains with exhaustive coverage of entire syllabus (GS + CSAT)
  6. Integrated Ethics and Essay classes – special feature
  7. Intensive Prelims cum Answer Writing Practice
    1. Daily Prelims & Mains Class Tests
    2. Weekly Prelims Revision Test
    3. Fortnightly Mains Revision Tests
    4. Full Length Prelims and Mains Tests after every subject is completed
  8. Ignite@Insights –
  9. Personal Mentor – a trusted adviser to track your progress throughout
  10. Live doubts clearance session + Doubts clearance via chat
  11. Success & Mindset Coach to ensure impeccable mental health



**Detailed Features of InstaClasses / OGP 2023 Course will be available on 12th Feb. 2022





To encourage talented and serious aspirants avail scholarship, we are conducting SCHOLARSTIP TEST for InstaClasses / OGP 2023.

  • This is a common scholarship test applicable both for InstaClasses / OGP 2023 Bangalore & Delhi
  • Also This is a common scholarship test applicable both for InstaClasses / OGP 2023 Offline & Online
  • It will be an Online test consisting of MCQs similar to a full-length Prelims test. There will be 100 questions covering the entire syllabus of Prelims including the Current events of past 10 months.




Date:  20th Feb. 2022

Timing: 10am to 11am

Mode: Online only

Medium: English

Type: Multiple Choice Questions

Duration: 1 hour

Total no. of Questions: 100 Questions

Marks per Question: 2 Marks

Negative Marking: 0.67 Marks



Students who secure Top 10 ranks will be eligible for 100% scholarship and consequent admission to InstaClasses 2023 for free of cost.

Moreover, huge discounts are being offered to rank holders between 11 and 100.



Top 10 Ranks:      Complete Scholarship – Free InstaClasses 2023

Rank 11 to 30:     30% discount for InstaClasses 2023

Rank 31 to 50:    20% discount for InstaClasses 2023


TINA (Tina Ira Nandini) – #InsightsForWomenEmpowerment is an immensely successful social initiative by InsightsIAS introduced in the year 2019. It provides invaluable opportunities for female aspirants encouraging them to pursue their dreams without worrying about finances and prepare for this exam efficiently and effectively. This initiative will be extended to all female aspirants this year as well.



Ranks 31 to 100: 20% discount for female aspirants for InstaClasses 2023


**Special Discounts for female aspirants can be availed only for the admissions done at our office ( Bangalore / Delhi / Hyderabad)


Team Insights trusts and expects everyone to give this test fairly and honestly. We believe true test of ethics starts here.

Spread the word. The most deserving must certainly not miss this golden opportunity.

All the best!

NOTE – We have developed features to check plagiarism and the final Result list will be solely based on the decision of the management.





For any queries contact,

mail : /


Bangalore Office : 7483163074 / 9380863034

Delhi Office : 7303318519 / 011-49520205

Hyderabad Office : 8688512637

Srinagar Office : +91 143560002