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UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Examination – 2022

Number of vacancies : 861




APPLY HERE Last date for applying is : 22nd Feb. 2022 till 6:00 PM.

Prelims Exam on 5th June 2022


UPSC NOTIFICATION for CIVIL SERVICES EXAMINATION is now out. You have only 20 days to apply for the exam. It is very important to read the Notification as it gives all the details about the Civil Services Examination that an aspirant should know before applying for the exam. The document entails Examination dates, Vacancies, Exam Centres, Fees, Eligibility criteria etc.,

There are no changes in the pattern or criteria set for this year and it remains the same like previous year. 

Now that only  122 days are left for Preliminary exam, it is important and required to have a disciplined streamlined study. We suggest you to rely on credible resources and stick to them and Revise as many times as possible.

Preliminary exam being the first round , could pose a myriad of challenges to aspirants if they are not equipped to face the odds with confidence. It is important for  the aspirants to solve as many credible Mock Tests as possible to analyse their Strength and Weakness, understand the mistakes that could happen while solving questions and rectify the errors in approaching questions, so that on the D-day you can answer questions with Confidence.

Taking the tests that has the right approach to the examination is imperative to emerge successful. Interest candidates can Click Here to Subscribe for INSIGHTSIAS PRELIMS TEST SERIES ( Intensive Prelims Booster Test Series 2022)