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Special Protection Group (SPG) Act:

GS Paper 3:

Topics Covered: Important Security Agencies.



The Centre is considering action under the Special Protection Group (SPG) Act against Punjab Police officers following the alleged breach in security of Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his visit to Punjab recently.


What next?

The Centre is preparing to take action against erring officials under provisions of the SPG Act. This could entail summoning the officers responsible to Delhi or instituting a central-level inquiry against them.


What does the SPG Act say on PM’s security?

Protocols are set by the SPG for the PM’s movement.

  • Section 14 of the SPG Act makes the state government responsible for providing all assistance to the SPG during the PM’s movement.


Genesis of SPG:

  • In March 1985, following the recommendations of a committee set up by the Home Ministry, a special unit was created for this purpose under the Cabinet Secretariat. This unit, initially called the Special Protection Unit, was renamed as Special Protection Group in April 1985.
  • Subsequently, the Parliament passed The Special Protection Group (SPG) Act, which was notified in June 1988 “to provide for the constitution and regulation of an armed force of the Union for providing proximate security to the Prime Minister of India and for matters connected therewith”.


Insta Curious:

India has several Special Forces (SF) units working under the commands of the Indian Armed Forces, Indian Navy and the Indian Air Force. Do you know which are those? Reference: read this.



Prelims Link:

Overview of:

  1. Marcos.
  2. SPG.
  3. NSG.
  4. COBRA.
  5. Ghatak force.

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What are Indian Special Forces (SF)? Discuss their significance.

Sources: the Hindu.