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Insta Ethics 70 Days Plan 2021 – Day 51


Day –  51



  1. Has Citizen’s charter managed to create a positive attitudinal change amongst the public servants in the country? Critically examine (10M)
  2. You are the secretary of Ministry of Home Affairs. Recently, a local NGO receiving foreign funds has raised banners against some development projects in your country. Your wife is a leading member of the NGO and has successfully mobilized people against the clearance given by Environment ministry for some projects. Recently, the Intelligence Bureau (IB)submitted a report highlighting list of NGOs with a foreign hand behind them creating false propaganda against some projects to curtail your national growth. The NGO in this case wherein your wife is involved also features in the list of NGOs identified as illicit and ill motived by IB. Upon validation by you, license of these NGOs to receive foreign funds will be cancelled immediately(20M)
    1. Examine the various conflicts of interest you may face in proceeding this matter.
    2. What will be your course of action? Give reasons for the same

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