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Insta Ethics 70 Days Plan 2021 – Day 39


Day –  39



1) An international NGO’s report has been recently released which quotes chain of farmer suicides in your state. There has been huge difference between data on number of suicides by the state government and that of NGO. The farm distress includes, debt trap, loss of land fertility, distress sale, etc. Above all, the livelihood fragility and stress has caused huge psychological trauma. A government appointed committee also recently came out with a finding that psychological trauma caused 86% of farmers to lose interest and leave farming if they have a choice. The villages are sorrowful, frustrated and traumatized and lost a happy and dignified life and find themselves in a dilemma of choosing between life and death. You are appointed as the special officer for controlling farmer suicides, while responsibility of making agriculture remunerative has been given to another officer, your assignment is to make farmers confident, feel optimistic and bring back ‘happiness’ in their life. Narrate the logical and practical actions you will be taking upon assuming the responsibility. (20M)


2) Siddarth is a techie from a global MNC and also a philanthropist. He wants to eradicate hunger in India and he has opened an NGO “Zero Hunger Zero Pain”. The funds utilized by NGOs are regulated by a national law. 40 years back when the law was passed, few NGOs were involving in anti-national activities. Excessive restrictions were placed on fund utilisation and this created many complexities for genuine NGOs too. The restrictive rules range from substantive provisions that are necessary to regulate utilisation of money by NGOs and also some superfluous, unnecessary technicalities.


Recently, it was decided that none of these restrictive provisions are relevant after four decades wherein NGOs have become agents of development and change and government’s desired partners in service delivery. So, the laws are amended and all the unnecessary technicalities are repealed. You are the Registrar of NGOs. Siddharth files an application to you for funding a food fortification project of his NGO. While auditing, you unearth some discrepancies. In past, some technicalities were not complied with by Siddharth’s NGO. Those technicalities are not at all helpful even in past to regulate errant NGO conduct, they were serving no purpose. But it is a violation of the original unamended law and the NGO funds should be frozen for 8 months, which can affect its development works.


Which one of the following two options will you choose?

    1. Since the law is now amended neither those technicalities have legal force today nor they were necessary in past, you can approve the application of Siddharth.
    2. Though the law is amended today, when it was violated, it had legal force in past. So, you can freeze the funds of Siddharth’s NGO. (20M)


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