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Insta Ethics 70 Days Plan 2021 – Day 37


Day –  37



1) Educational institutions used to be the crucible of ethical values. India had a system of education in which, those who subscribed to these institutions were by default believed to have highest conduct. However, with time and especially after the introduction of modern education system, the institutional management has deteriorated. While lack of value education is a much endorsed problem, the rapidly emerging ethical concerns nowadays go beyond that. Teachers lack any moral stature, many complaints of sexual harassment on teachers is becoming a new normal. The management focuses on money-making, also the commercial instincts have altered the basic principles of educational institutions. Such concerns are numerous. There is an organised ethical mismanagement of the educational institutions

Answer the following:

    1. What are the ethical issues caused by unethical management of schools
    2. As a state’s Director of School Education, how will you fix the problem of sexual harassment in schools?


2) Western Ghats is a mountain range that creates a rain shadow region to its east, which is deprived of water resources. The west-flowing rivers of the Ghats, ensure the region to its west is gifted with plenty of water. A district to the east of the Ghats is known for continuous drought conditions and so the surplus water from western region was diverted with help of a dam to the eastern district. Such diversion helped in guaranteeing livelihood for many who happen to be farmers and labourers from downtrodden sections of that district. This dam constructed in the district to the west is also a spice-growing region and a site of natural tourism. This western district saw rapid growth in last five decades due to tourism and there is a real estate boom leading to land shortage. Alongside, there has been protests and speculations from the civil society of this western district that the dam is unsafe, in fact, the recent climate change led floods in west of the Ghats has added to the speculations and fears. Therefore, the dam is sought to be decommissioned. The people of eastern district however claim right to water, which is not only demanded on moral grounds but also on legal grounds on the basis of a 999-year agreement which makes western district obliged to provide water to the eastern district. The safety concerns have been dispelled by expert science committees as unfounded, the water agencies of the Central Government has clarified that dam is certainly safe and court has upheld these views. However, in the last three years, excessive rainfall in the region kept the western district under severe floods and dam water level keeps raising in the flood period. General public is under constant fear of dam failure and they have no ill-motive against eastern district but only claim that their right to safety should be prioritised and the dam be decommissioned. While the people of eastern district claim to respect fears of dam failure, they however allege that it is just based on rumours of real estate and businessmen of western district engaged in a fear-mongering so that once dam is decommissioned, they get access to plenty of land to build tourism industry.

In the above case there is a clear conflict between right to safety and right to water. In light of the given facts, how can the conflict be resolved?


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