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[MISSION 2022] Insights SECURE 2022 : Full Length Secure Revision Test: 20 November 2021



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Answer the following questions in 150 words:

General Studies – 1


1. River linking projects for the country are a great challenge and at the same time an opportunity to address the water issues. Critically analyse. (150 words, 10 marks)


2. Himalayas are not only the physical barrier, they are also a climatic, drainage and cultural divide. Elucidate. (150 words, 10 marks)


3. Analyse the contributions of Jawahar Lal Nehru in laying foundations of Modern India. (150 words, 10 marks)

General Studies – 2


4. Discuss the various impacts of Alexander the great’s invasion of India with a special emphasis on sculpture. (150 words, 10 marks)


5. Discuss the MPLAD scheme for the creation of durable community assets and its features for effective development of each constituency. (150 words)


6. AUKUS is a result of like-minded regional powers forging a partnership that will see closer alignment of regional policies as well as greater integration of their defence forces in the Indo-Pacific. Comment. (150 words, 10 marks)

General Studies – 3


7. With technology becoming ubiquitous in the agriculture sector, start-ups are breaking conventional methods to supply inputs, improve quality and demand. Discuss. (150 words, 10 marks)


8. Discuss the aim of Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) and how it plans to achieve its aim. (150 words, 10 marks)


9. Critically comment on the successes and failures of demonetisation on achieving its stated objectives. Was it really a self-inflicted shock? (150 words, 10 marks)


10. Urban flooding is a man-made issue and needs a strategic plan for mitigation in order to safeguard the cities. Comment (150 words, 10 marks)

Answer the following questions in 250 words:

General Studies – 1


11. In recent years, India has adopted a proactive policy aimed at transforming the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Examine the strategic and economic importance of Andaman & Nicobar Islands for India. (250 words)


12. The design of anti-poverty policies for the urban poor needs to be looked at in the context of overall urban planning and institutional frameworks. Discuss. (250 words, 15 marks)


13. Accounting for horizontal and vertical distribution of Salinity, discuss the regional distribution of salinity in the major oceans across the world.. (250 words, 15 marks)

General Studies – 2


14. The debate on the working of the collegium of judges, especially on the issue of transfers in the judiciary and lack of transparency, has again come around. Examine. (250 words, 15 marks)


15. The field of rare diseases is very complex and heterogeneous with multiple challenges. Critically Analyse National Policy for Rare Diseases, 2021 in prevention and management of rare diseases. (250 words, 15 marks)


16. Discuss the various types of motions available with the Members of the Parliament. Do you think partisanship renders privilege motion ineffective and reduces the accountability of individual minister? (250 words, 15 marks)

General Studies – 3


17. Globalisation has led to the trend of increasing meat consumption pattern in societies that used to be traditionally vegetarian. Critically analyse the climate impact of this new trend. (250 words, 15 marks)


18. To ensure that air pollution in the NCR region does not turn into a ‘pollution emergency’ urgent measures should be put in place to tackle it as well as end the policy paralysis in the existing mechanisms. Comment (250 words, 15 marks)


19. In the age of climate change and water scarcity, micro-irrigation can help increase crop yield and decrease water, fertiliser and labour requirements. Analyse the issues in micro irrigation and suggest measures to address them (250 words, 15 marks)

20. The Bhopal Gas tragedy was the most devastating chemical accident in Indian history. Examine the legal and institutional framework put in place to prevent such disasters from occurring. (250 words, 15 marks)

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