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Insta Ethics 70 Days Plan 2021 – Day 21


Day –  21



1)  You are the sub-divisional magistrate of a flood-prone sub division. There is a warning of a very strong cyclone. It is likely to bring torrential downpour leading to deluge. You are very busy in planning evacuation operations. Amidst this busy work, you receive a shattering news that your best friend has breathed his/her last. S/he has helped you in difficult times, even before you become IAS. S/he has also lent moral support for you throughout. It is a major personal loss for you. You feel your strength is gone. You just collapse on the sofa. Your mother consoles you and asks you to have the sight of your friend for one last time. Then, your mobile buzzes with the message that the cyclone is advancing faster than predicted and is expected to hit the land in just 2 days. (250W, 20M)

    1. What are the options before you? Which option do you choose? Why?
    2. Identity role of ethics in disaster management and explain ethical issues relevant to this scenario.


2) Max Weber has given the traits of an ideal Civil Servant. Some of such traits include political neutrality, objectivity and especially not having anti-establishment views. Since government is elected and civil servants are appointed, the views of politically elected class have salience and so the civil servants are expected to toe in to the views of political class ultimately. Even, the All India Services (Conduct) Rules, 1968, does not permit civil servant to publicly criticize the policies and decisions of the government. Lately, some of the civil servants have felt this condition has been silencing their ‘freedom of speech’. Nowadays, there is a trend of civil servants resigning for their anti-establishment views and to have more freedom of speech and action.

In this context, discuss the ethical and administrative issues due to civil servants holding anti-establishment views and having difference of opinion with political executives (250W, 20M)


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