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Insta Ethics 70 Days Plan 2021 – Day 20


Day –  20



1) You are the regional head of an automobile manufacturing industry. Your industry procures raw materials and spare parts from multiple upstream industries. A Manager from the marketing department of the electronic goods industry where he works as an employee, approaches you personally. His industry is critical supplier for making cars. He has a deal for you. If his brother is employed in your company as Production Engineer, he will supply some unaccounted goods (free of cost) to your company without knowledge of his organization. This will save large sums of money for your company.

What will be your decision in this case? Also, justify your decision.


2) You are the Deputy Secretary of Excise Department in your state which gives No-Objection Certificate (NOC) for liquor shops. You have recently rejected one application for NOC submitted to you because it would be opened very close to a primary school in that locality. Soon, you get pressure from the seniors that the NOC be given to the shop. With repeated denial, the Minister ultimately asks you to give green clearance to the shop. Within few days, you hear the related facts like the applicant for the shop is the benami of your Minister and also that the Minister is determined to help his benami. Unless you yield, he has a plan to transfer you.

Answer the following:

    • What are the ethical issues in this case?
    • Analyze the pros and cons of different options available to you.


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