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Intensive Bridge Course for GS2 Mains 2021: GS2 beyond Polity


By, Manjunath Sir, Faculty for Polity & Governance and Public Administration, InsightsIAS




Fee:6999/- incl. GST

Early Bird Offer: 10% discount till 8th Nov. 2021

Old Subscriber Discount : 20% discount till 8th Nov. 2021

(Please note : All Classes are available in the course portal as recorded videos)

Mode: Online only



UPSC has announced  Civil Services Prelims 2021 results. Congrats for those who have qualified for Mains 2021 . For those who have not cleared , we understand you will be disappointed as you would have given your 100% efforts . But the nature of the exam itself is very uncertain , especially prelims . So rather than being worried about the past , it’s wise to learn from your mistakes and move on , as the next prelims is very near .

Considering the fact that we have just 7 months for prelims 2022, it’s better we dedicate next three to four months (till February) completely for mains and prepare for both GS as well as optional subject ; So that you can dedicate 100 days exclusively for prelims .


Aspirants normally assume that GS 2 is all about Polity . And hence they mostly limit themselves to Laxmikanth book for Polity even for Mains . Even though polity and Indian constitution form a major part of GS 2 , it consists of Social Justice , Governance and International relations which are overlooked by many, and do not prepare in a diligent manner . In fact these Subjects are so well intertwined that students tend to neglect the approach to these subjects. In addition , there are no specific sources available for these topics in the market , which makes it even more challenging for the students to tackle. Hence , most of them end up writing general answers , thereby affecting their scores majorly.

Every year , most of the candidates who appear in mains end up scoring in the average window of 90s in GS2 .  One of the major reasons for this is , lack of substantiation in the answers using important articles ,amendments judgements , committee recommendations and GS 2 specific keywords and terminologies.

However, you need to aim for 120s to be in the top in the final list in the current trends of competition

In this regard , Our Intensive bridge course for GS 2  covers all 19 sub topics in 60 hours .


Features of the program :

    • Cover entire GS 2 in 60 hours
    • Target 120 +
    • All 19 sub topics will be covered
    • Three staged approach:
    • Conceptual clarity on 19 subtopics
    • PYQ discussions
    • Probable Questions for 2021 Mains on recent issues
    • Enrich your answers with appropriate Keywords and Vocabulary for GS2
    • Identify, Remember & Reproduce important & Relevant Articles, Judgements, Reports etc
    • Learn skills to tackle abstract questions


Materials provided:

Hand outs on substantiation which includes :


b) Case studies

c) Committee recommendations

d) GS 2 specific keywords and terminologies

e) Definitions and flowcharts which can be used effectively in the exam

f) Model answers for probable questions based on important recent issues( 80+ questions on around 100 issues )


Added feature :

1.5 years of current affairs will be covered

Extra classes of those current affairs  will be provided


Give your 100% in these Ten days and 60 hours for GS 2 in 60 hours and you will have a strong foundation of all 19 sub topics . After prelims , all you have to do is revise these topics and write more answers.




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