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Dear all,

We hope you all have done well in Prelims 2021. Now, it is high time to devote all your energy and time towards MAINS Preparation.

Many of us, safely IGNORE GS-IV paper and ASSUME that GS-IV is very easy and thus neither we study sincerely nor practise. Not only that, we have a perception that GS-IV is manageable and is very generic. And we dream of writing a great answer on the day of the exam just like that, without any practice. GS-IV paper thus becomes the most neglected part of our preparation. Remember! the Chain is only as strong as its weakest link! This is enough to pull your overall scores down and keep you out of the holy PDF!

So, in this journey from being an aspirant to becoming a topper, one can definitely not afford to neglect preparation of any part of the syllabus, including GS-IV. It is precisely in this direction that our ETHICS FULL COURSE has been meticulously crafted – to equip you with all the right tools so as to excel not only in GS-IV paper but also in other papers.

The paper has parts of the subtopics that overlaps with the GS 2 syllabus as well. Also, with knowledge of ethics, you can increase the dimensions of your answers for every subtopic in GS 1, GS 2 & GS 3. The spill over effect of GS IV learning is not only rewarding in MAINS & INTERVIEW through marks, it also leaves deep impact on our values, attitude & emotions. It shapes our personality as a good human being, a good citizen and a responsible OFFICER.


What has been covered in the class till now?

  • Units Covered: This Course was started on 14 August as a weekend Course i.e a class conducted only on Saturday and Sunday. By now, we have covered 4 Units of the syllabus out of 7 Units.
  • Answer Writing: Along with Conceptual Clarity of 4 units, we have done Answer writing of 84 Question through – THOUGHT TO PONDER, Practise Questions, Previous Year Questions & four UNIT TESTS.
  • Keywords: We have discussed almost 70 Keywords directly and more than 100 key words indirectly related to different concepts which will aid the Effective Answer writing
  • UNIT TEST: Four TESTS have been conducted so far.


Why this ETHICS Course for 2021 MAINS ?

By now, you all must have analysed the gaps in your ETHICS preparation. And based on the features being offered, this course will take you through a logical step by step process of KNOWING GOOD CONTENT à THINKING & BRAINSTORMING à WRITING & PRACTICING. This paper has weightage of 250 marks in the mains and it helps you in Essay and Interview as well.

You will get the recorded VIDEO of the 14 classes conducted till date. In future you can attend the LIVE classes of remaining Units along with the recorded videos. You can also write all the practise questions & UNIT TESTS and get it evaluated by the FACULTY.

After finishing classes, you will have sufficient time for revision & Practise.

You can also have a look at DEMO VIDEO attached in the END.

Every year, ETHICS is being very rewarding in MAINS, if we get hold of the concepts and practise questions.

Competition in Mains is INCREASING STEADILY

Stakes are High if GS IV is not taken SERIOUSLY


What this course has in store for you?

  • Targeted Approach
    • Weekend Classes (Saturday and Sunday)
    • 2.5 hours class each
    • Learn content from scratch in 90 hours
    • Live Doubt Clearing Session
  • Learning Tools in Every Class
    • FULL coverage of Syllabus
    • Thoughts to PONDER
    • Examples and Case Studies
    • Practice Questions in every class
  • Be Exam Ready
    • Intense Practice after every class
    • DISCUSSION & ANALYSIS of previous year papers
    • One page HAND Written notes (Manuscripts) for every topic
    • VAM: Value addition material PDF
    • KEYWORDs: definition and usage
    • Exhaustive coverage of current affairs related to GS 4
  • Special featureThe course will also include guidance of KRUTHIKA Ma’am, who has secured Ranks Twice (Rank 194 in CSE-2017 and Rank 100 in CSE-2018). She has given 4 Interviews and 5 Mains during the course of her 6 attempts as part of UPSC civil services journey. She was one of the top scorers in ETHICS in 2017. Last year during pandemic, she has already shared her knowledge & experience through our very popular current affairs initiative I-CAN on our Youtube channel.

In this Course, ma’am will interact with students & share her experience and knowledge. We thank her for this kind gesture.


Handholding and mentoring till you get your RANK


About Faculty:

The whole course will be taught by our Faculty HIMANSHU SHUKLA Sir. You must have followed ANALYTICA Series on our YouTube Channel, where Himanshu Sir discusses Weekly Two CASE STUDIES form the previous year question papers of UPSC. Approach the faculty for any doubts regarding the course on the telegram id – @telehiman


CLICK HERE DEMO VIDEOS of the First Class from the course:



Check ANALYTICA Videos by Himanshu Sir here:


Check the CORE BATCH TEST Discussion Video by Himanshu sir here:


We have also attached the Testimony of Students from ONGOING Batch:





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