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Insta Ethics 70 Days Plan 2021 – Day 6


Day –  6



1)  Riyaz works in the public works department. He is charged with the responsibility of ensuring the qualification and quality of the private contractors. His responsibility is particularly important considering the crores of rupees the department would be spending on building public infrastructure in the region. Any lax on his part would result in not only monetary loss for the department but also might lead to deaths of innocent civilians if unqualified and contractors known for low-quality are chosen for the job.

In a career spanning twenty years, Riyaz has amassed the respect from everyone at all levels in the organization for his integrity and honesty, despite many private contractors trying to bribe him to accept their applications.

The department has issued a notification for a public work and tasked him with the responsibility of choosing a group of contractors from all the applications so that the selected few could provide their final bids. During the process, a private contractor approaches him and offers him substantial money saying that he could use this money to get the treatment for his mother who recently fell ill. Riyaz knows that the treatment for disease cannot be afforded by him in any other means possible due to the costly nature of the treatment. When he confided this with his wife, his wife advises him to take the bribe this one time, considering the health of his mother. (20 Marks)

      1. What are the inherent ethical dilemmas in this situation for Riyaz?
      2. Debate the various options available to Riyaz. What course of action would you suggest for Riyaz? Justify your suggestion suitably
      3. Can private and public responsibilities ever be compartmentalized into two separate entities in a society such as India?


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