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According to you, what constitutes international ethics?

Topic: ethical issues in international relations and funding;

7. According to you, what constitutes international ethics? (150 words)

Difficulty level: Moderate

Reference: Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude by Lexicon Publications.

Why the question:

The question is part of the static syllabus of General studies paper – 4 and part of ‘Conceptual Tuesdays’ in Mission-2022 Secure.

Key Demand of the question:

To establish how international morality ease suffering during the pandemic and help the world as a whole move on and rebuild together.


Structure of the answer:


Start by defining international morality.


Start by explaining what is International ethics – moral principles, customary International Law, Human rights, Cooperation, Non-aggression etc. Cite examples to substantiate your points.


Conclude by writing about the importance of international morality.