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[Mission 2022] InstaMotivation@9pm – The Time Is Now Bettina Van Vaerenbergh


We have but a short time

On this earth,

So value your life

For what it’s really worth.


Your life has purpose.

God sent you on a mission.

To live, to love, to learn –

Is His commission.


The world needs you.

Believe me, it’s true!

Some things need doing

That only you can do.


Character matters;

Be your own person,

Your own original self,

Not someone else’s version.


Develop your talents;

They are unique.

Use your time well;

Listen only to positive critique.


Go after your dreams.

Be bold. Be brave.

Swim against the stream;

It’s more than okay.


The time is now

To find your passion.

Time waits for no one,

So get into action.


To be free of regret

In your old age,

Never ever forget

To fully live today!