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[Mission 2022] InstaMotivation@9pm – Success is a Failure in Progress



Albert Einstein is a well-known scientist and extraordinary genius personality known by almost all of us all over the world due to his great inventions and contributions towards science. He quoted that success is a failure in progress and someone who has never failed cannot truly be a successful person. During childhood, he suffered from continuous failures. He was not even able to speak fluently till the age of nine years following which he was expelled from the school. Furthermore, his admission to Zurich Polytechnic School was also not considered. But, leading to the ways of success consistently, he proved himself as a renowned gem in the ocean of science and technology and finally won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1921.


Every one of us has our own failures. We had huge confidence before entering this journey. We had thought we could do anything and everything. We were thinking like, ‘If someone can clear this exam, why can’t I clear this exam. I am ready to give 200% effort and Success should kneel before me’. But things turned out to be different. We start making mistakes in simple MCQs. Our mains answer looks weird and of a far lower standard than Topper’s answers. Our Mock test scores are appearing top in the rank list from the bottom. We are failing ruthlessly in prelims. Time is passing attempt over attempt. Cycle of Failure seems never ending. We feel we are bound to fail and success may not happen to us ever.


But remember every great successful person has failed in life one or other time. They made failures as stepping stones. Or to reframe, success will happen to only those who can perceive the opportunities out of problems, who can see light at the end of the tunnel, who are able to feel the beauty of life amidst the current ugliest situations. Hence, be strong and don’t let the failures bog you down. Feel proud that you have tried and failed in adventures rather than not trying and failing in life.