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Launching InstaPedia – The Oracle of UPSC: Free Encyclopedia of all UPSC IAS Exam Related Knowledge



We live in a world where the availability of information is all pervasive and intimidating as well. We live in a world that is permanently afflicted with ‘information pandemic’. Moreover we have entered the ‘post truth’ phenomenon as well. In a world where information is both weaponized and monetized without the consent of people who own it, there is a need to make available correct information that is unadulterated and serves the utilitarian purpose. 

We InsightsIAS is a very small fish in this ocean of internet. But since its inception, we have strived to provide best possible content free of cost to our target population i.e. UPSC civil services aspirants. Now the time has come to move one step ahead to add a new dimension to this website where knowledge will be democratised for our followers who are preparing for tough competitive exams. 


For any individual who is preparing for UPSC civil services or any other competitive exam, what matters is availability of content that can be easily relied upon to fulfil the needs of their exam preparation. Also this knowledge should be well organised, structured(easily accessible) and meet the demand of the syllabus of examination. 


We always felt the need to create a knowledge database for our followers where they could easily find information that is directly linked to syllabus. Also, there was always this gap where the ‘static’ component of UPSC syllabus was not given adequate space on our website. Though we have covered many topics through initiatives such as Secure, Static quiz, Daily Current Affairs etc, you could find their content only in monthly compilations or through random Google search tagging the name ‘insights/insightsonindia’ along with your search word. 


As an effort to both democratize knowledge and also as a token of appreciation to show our gratitude to lakhs of aspirants who visit our website every day, we took this herculean task of creating our own Encyclopedia of UPSC – which we are naming as ‘InstaPedia – The Oracle of UPSC’. 


InstaPedia is a work in progress. It’s a collaborative team effort by Team InsightsIAS where all of us are coming together to create quality content for all UPSC aspirants. This doesn’t stop here at creating static ‘readymade’ content as per UPSC civil services syllabus, InstaPedia will grow into a project where we will also integrate the ‘Guidance’ part which is crucial to crack toughest exams like  UPSC IAS civil services exam.  Without guidance, it’s difficult to get rank in this exam. Therefore, in the coming days we will be posting a number of articles that will give you clear guidance about ways to crack the civil services exam. These articles will be an integral part of InstaPedia.


Today we are unveiling InstaPedia -on this auspicious day of Ganesha Chaturthi. Lord Ganesha represents wisdom and infinite knowledge. It is fitting that we publish InstaPedia on this day to help lakhs of IAS aspirants prepare for their exam with peace of mind knowing that their needs are taken care of by us.


As our tagline says ‘Simplifying IAS Exam Preparation’ – InstaPedia is an effort in this direction. 

We have already added a large amount of content under thousands of topics and sub-topics which are divided as per UPSC civil services exam Mains syllabus. We are still adding many articles every day. There are hundreds of topics for which we are still creating and adding content. You will see that every day new content, including current affairs, will be added to InstaPedia. 


Even now, under every article, when you click ‘Related Posts’, you will be given links to Secure Initiative questions or Current Affairs articles which will make you think and learn from the exam’s perspective. These also add Current Affairs dimension to most of the static content we are publishing.


In future your Prelims, Mains and Interview requirements will be fulfilled through instapedia at absolutely free of cost. For those who are relying on self-study and can not afford coaching, or subscription based ‘study materials’, InstaPedia will act as a boon.  You will not need to pay anything to subscribe to Instapedia. In fact there is no free subscription either. It’s fully wide open in the public. We will never know if you ever visited and used this content unless you yourself acknowledge it when you become a topper. 


In the exam what really matters is application of your mind. We will never promise that questions in the UPSC exam will directly appear from InstaPedia. But, as stated above in the article, we will tell you how you can use this knowledge to prepare yourself better to score good marks in these exams. You must work on skills of using available knowledge to solve questions – be it in Prelims, mains or Interview stage. This is a constant work that you must do as part of preparation. Only consuming knowledge without using it is injurious to your success. 


As it’s a work in progress, things will not be perfect all the time. Therefore at the bottom of InstaPedia Homepage we have added a Feedback option where we want you to tell us how we can improve and make InstaPedia truly a great source of knowledge for you all. We welcome even the harshest criticism in this regard. We want to create a space on this website where one can feel empowered and at the same time feel a sense of belongingness where you can fearlessly prepare for UPSC IAS exam without the burden of going through hundreds of sources.