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Winged visitors arrive in Pulicat

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Topics covered: Environment


Context: Increase in numbers of migratory birds visiting the Pulicat Lake in India

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  • This positive development is largely due to increase in the storage levels in the reservoir in adjoining areas
  • Pulicat lake is the second largest brackish water lake in the country; next only to Chilika lake
  • Greater flamingos and pelicans are some of the famous migratory birds that visit this place
  • The region in which Pulicat lake is situated receives rainfall from both South-West as well as North-East monsoon winds
  • Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary is a famous bird sanctuary located near this lake
  • The lake is also home for black-headed ibis, Asian openbill, black-crowned night heron, and little cormorant. Other migratory birds that visit the sanctuary include northern pintail, common teal, little grebe, northern shoveler, Eurasian coot, Indian spot-billed duck, grey heron, Oriental darter, black-winged stilt, garganey and gadwall
  • The presence of Barringtonia and Acacia nilotica species near the Pulicat lake region provides an ideal breeding site for spot-billed pelicans.

About Pulicat Lake and Nelapattu bird sanctuary

  • Nelapattu bird sanctuary is considered one of the biggest habitats for some hundreds of pelicans and other birds. Located about 20 km north of the Pulicat Lake on the Andhra Pradesh-Tamil Nadu border, the sanctuary is spread in about 459 hectares.
  • Pulicat Lake is the second largest brackish water lake or lagoon in India, after Chilika Lake. It straddles the border of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu states with over 96% of it in Andhra Pradesh. The lake encompasses the Pulicat Lake Bird Sanctuary. The barrier island of Sriharikota separates the lake from the Bay of Bengal and is home to the Satish Dhawan Space Centre. Two rivers which feed the lagoon are the Arani River at the southern tip and the Kalangi River from the northwest, in addition to some smaller streams. The Buckingham Canal, a navigation channel, is part of the lagoon on its western side.
  • Flamingo Festival is held every year to promote tourism in Pulicat and Nelapattu.


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  1. About Pulicat lake
  2. Famous migratory birds that visit the region
  3. Any steps or measures taken to conserve this lake

Source: The Hindu