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Exports rose 45% in August

GS Paper 3

Topics covered: Indian economy- growth and issues arising from it


Context: India’s merchandise exports in August touched $33.14 billion, 45.17% higher than a year ago and 27.5% over the pre-pandemic level of August 2019

More on this news:

  • Despite the increase in export, the trade deficit widened to a four-month high driven by a sharp uptick in gold imports
  • Merchandise imports grew during this time. It grew 51.47% year-on-year to $47 billion, which is also 18% higher than August 2019. This was the primary reason for the widened trade deficit despite an increase in export
  • Gold saw the large increase in import numbers. Gold imports surged to a five-month high of $6.7 billion in August 2021 and were responsible for 88% of the rise in the merchandise trade deficit relative to July 2021.
  • The government has set a target of merchandise exports worth $400 billion for the year and so far as achieved 163 billions of dollar exports

  • Though the global trade is recovering which is helping Indian exporters, attention must be given to resolving increasing freight rates, large container shortages and releasing benefits under various export schemes
  • Growth in export in labour-intensive sector such as textiles and apparel sector has been less than expected (14%) during this period.


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  1. What are merchandise exports?
  2. Measures taken in recent times to increase exports
  3. Major items of exports and imports
  4. What is trade deficit?

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Why has India not been able to increase its share in global export market?

Source: The Hindu