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[Registrations Open] CORE BATCH 2022 (1.0) Entrance Test(on 9th Sept. 2021)

CORE BATCH 1.0 2022



Dear Students,

“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change”

The biggest take-away for every aspirant from the UPSC Civil Services Examination is that – there exists no assured short-cut to achieve a Good Rank. Reduction in Posts as well as increasing competition year after year, is a constant reminder of harder times, leaving us with no choice but to put in consistent and rigorous efforts coupled with structured studies.

Undoubtedly, Only the toughest can survive this competition. In order to be tough, you need a training that prepares you to adapt to change and face any challenge or uncertainty that UPSC has in store for you.

InsightsIAS, pioneer of Answer Writing Programs launches our prestigious and most sought-after, CORE BATCH, an intensive test-based program reiterating the importance of “read-write-revise-repeat” mantra.

Over the years, Core Batch has been instrumental in creating many toppers since CSE-2014, including Rank-1 in CSE-2016 (Nandini K R), Rank-17 in CSE-2018 (Rahul Sankanur) and the latest Rank-5 in CSE-2019 (Jeydev CS)

Core Batch is meant for the truly aspiring and dedicated students with an unwavering resolve of clearing the UPSC CSE. This program is definitely not for those who expect to be mollycoddled through-out the program. Core Batch students must take up 100% responsibility for their preparation and individualistically, integrate the program features in the best way possible resulting in maximum potential and efficiency.

This program not only transforms an ASPIRANT into a TOPPER but also improves the rank of existing Rank Holders, provided the candidate studies passionately and utilises every feature of the program to the fullest.

To put it simply, Core batch is targeted towards the ‘Cream of the Crop’ striving to score 900+ marks in the Mains exam.

Why Should you join CORE BATCH?

  1. The fundamental principle that makes Core Batch unique is its specific focus on increasing GS scores so as to nullify any adverse marks one might get at the Interview (personality stage).If you can score good marks in the interview too, then you will be on your way to be in Top 100 easily.
  2. The Timetable has been drafted carefully keeping in mind the dynamic demands of the exam and also to ensure you complete the entire syllabus with 5 revisions.
  3. Orientations are provided for every subject to help you understand and analyse the essence and trend of every subject enabling you to draw-out a map for your personalized preparation.
  4. Each subject is divided into sections to ensure you thoroughly prepare every part of the micro-syllabus considering the weighted importance.
  5. The Program insists you to strictly adhere to the timetable to ensure your preparation is on track and no reasons are given to skip preparation.
  6. Dedicated, hand-holding Mentorship by Rank Holders* is provided to help you achieve that extra edge over your competitors.
  7. Exhaustive and integrated preparation for MAINS & PRELIMS for 6 months with 1.5 months of exclusive preparation for PRELIMS empowers you with Confidence needed to sail through this exam with relative ease.
  8. Detailed & time-bound evaluation and Post-test discussions will provide immense value-addition.
  9. Most importantly, the regular follow-up sessions by Vinay sir will serve as reality checks on your preparation, aiding in staying realistic with your goals and boosts your confidence to work harder.


Core batch will tire you with so much of Answer-Writing practice that Civil Services Mains Examination is just another exam for you preparing you to face any unpredictable challenge successfully. This result-oriented initiative makes it inevitable for you to push yourself beyond the comfort zone, Stay CONSISTENT and faithful to your preparation.

There is no looking back, once you have made your decision to serve the society and embarked upon this journey. If you wish to make an honest attempt at preparation this year and give your ALL for the exam, then InsightsIAS is here to guide you through the CORE BATCH.

Join hands with us to march swiftly towards our shared dream of IAS 😊


What’s New?

CORE BATCH 2022 is available in Online as well as Offline mode in Bangalore, Delhi & Hyderabad Centres.


CORE BATCH 2022 Starts from 15th September 2021

CORE BATCH 2022 will be in Online as well as Offline mode (Bangalore, Hyderabad & Delhi Centres)

Students will be admitted only through the Entrance test

Entrance test will be in the Offline Mode Only at Bangalore, Delhi & Hyderabad Centres

Entrance Test will be on: 9th Sept. 2021

Results: 10th Sept. 2021

Fee: 85000/- incl. tax


CLICK HERE TO Register for Entrance Test



Note: We have kept a fee of Rs. 200/- for Registration to encourage only sincere aspirants to give the exam.


Late date for Registration: 8th Sept. 2021 (before 4pm)




For any queries contact,

mail :


Bangalore Office : 7483163074 / 9380863034

Delhi Office : 7303318519 / 011-49520205

Hyderabad Office : 8688512637


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