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Insights Course Calendar


Dear Students,

InsightsIAS is well known for its result oriented unique courses catering to distinct preparation strategies by aspirants year after year.
We are happy to provide you with the all new, InsightsIAS – Calendar of Courses that will give you clarity with respect to every course of ours and aid in devising impeccable preparation plans for your studies.

CoursesStarts from 
IPM 2.0, YLM 2.0, Subjectwise Prelims Test Series 2.0, Textbook Based Prelims Test Series 2.015th Sept. 2021
Core Batch (1.0) 202215th Sept. 2021
I-WIL 2022 (Full Package[GS+ESSAY], Only GS, Only ETHICS, Only Essay)15th Oct. 2021
IPM 3.0, YLM 3.0, Subjectwise Prelims Test Series 3.015th Oct. 2021
Bridge Courses for Mains 202115th Oct. 2021
Core Batch (2.0) 202215th Oct. 2021
Intensive Prelims Booster Test Series(IPB) 20221st Jan. 2022
Super Core Batch 2022 (Entrance Test will be on 15th Dec. 2021)1st Jan. 2022
APEC 2022February 2022
CSAT Crash Course 2022February 2022
Conquer Prelims 2022April 2022