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[Mission 2022] InstaMotivation@9pm – The Best We Can by Eben E. Rexford



UPSC Journey is a bit longer. Many things won’t go as planned. Our daily targets, weekly and monthly schedules may not be completed as intended. Sometimes, external problems come and hit us repetitively. They may derail all our plans. We feel ‘why me only?’, ‘Why is fate so cruel on us?’ and so on. 

Rather than external problems, the merciless obstacles are Internal ones. Many times, we struggle hard to overcome our own problems. We will be pulled downwards due to our own weaknesses. With repetitive failures on a day to day basis, we will start losing our confidence. The commitment towards our goal will start decaying. And that is the beginning of the ending of our UPSC journey. 

Hence, you need to keep remembering about the power of perseverance. You need to keep believing in the power of your inner being. You need to trust the magical science of human will power. Reading and digesting motivational poems helps you to keep yourself aligned to the goal always. Below is one such beautiful poem which will inspire you. Happy Reading!


When things don’t go to suit us,
Why should we fold our hands,
And say, “No use in trying;
Fate baffles all our plans”?
Let not your courage falter,
Keep faith in God and man,
And to this thought be steadfast:
“I’ll do the best I can.”

If clouds blot out the sunshine
Along the way you tread,
Don’t grieve in hopeless fashion
And sigh for brightness fled.
Beyond the clouds the sunlight
Shines in the eternal plan;
Trust that the way will brighten,
And do the best you can.

Away with vain repinings;
Sing songs of hope and cheer,
Till many a weary comrade
Grows strong of heart to hear.
He who sings over trouble
Is aye the wisest man;
He can’t help what has happened,
But — does the best he can.

So if things won’t go to suit us,
Let’s never fume and fret,
For finding fault with fortune
Ne’er mended matters yet.
Make the best of whate’er happens,
Bear failure like a man,
And in good or evil fortune
Do just the best you can.