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[InstaMotivation@9pm] Success is not final Failure is not fatal It is the Courage to continue that Counts


Sometimes it so happens that we get a huge boost up due to our good academic scores in 10th, or plus 2, or graduation. We think things will turn to gold whatever we touch. We feel we are invincible. No challenge appears too big. No problem appears as unsolvable. But, UPSC slaps on our face without mercy. Many aspirants with good academic track record have failed miserably in the UPSC. 

This exam doesn’t care whether you are a 95+ candidate or just a passing student. This CSE demands effort with certain discipline. This process requires specific breakeven strategies. This exam is very similar to hiking to Himalayan Mount Everest.

Here, you can’t rest on the peaks. You can’t celebrate your success and rest on the top of the mountains. The good scores in the mocks, positive response received on your mains answer practice or your good hold on optionals are like milestones. You can’t afford to forget your roles & responsibilities. The success here is not final.

In the meantime, if you get into the valley you don’t have to lose your faith. Getting down and hiking up is part of the journey. Sometimes, you may lose the momentum. You may feel completely exhausted. You feel like giving up. The goal appears to be unreachable. The process seems to be a vicious cycle. With every passing day, you are traversing inside the rabbit hole without an exit plan. But, try to forcefully remember that these failures are not fatal. Life always gives you thousands of opportunities everyday to start your journey afresh, pick up the pace and achieve the goal you always wanted to reach. 

Very few intellects and brilliants get selected in UPSC CSE. Because, the process is designed in such a way that it tests your emotions, attitude and thought process, and consistent practice. Here, only the one who is courageous enough to muster up all the energy available inside them and get ready to fight another day will be rewarded with success. Here, only the one who is stubborn enough to believe the impossible and start acting even if it takes an inch closer to the success will be decorated with medals.

Dear Aspirants, Come, take a breath and chant loudly to yourSelf, “Success is not final Failure is not fatal It is the Courage to continue that Counts.”.