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[UPSC CSE 2020] Interview Transcript 7


1. Tell me about yourself

2. Do you follow news? Which channel do you follow? What  difference do you find among these channels? Which channel is most preferred?

3. Don’t you think debates over these channels are biased?

4. Where do you get factually correct information? Verify the facts?

5.  Do you follow DD news? How do you make current affairs notes?

6. Why fake news spread so easily ? What is there in it?


Member 2:


1. What is DBT? What are its advantages ?Do you promote this and why?

2. What is digital divide? How do we reduce it? What do we have to reduce it ?

3. What are the advantages of digital payments? What govt is doing to promote it?

4. How digital payments reduces the gap?


Member 3:


1. What Bharat ki veer?

2.  Why Karnataka has conflicts with Tamilnadu and Maharashtra but not with AP and Telangana?

3. Which river Karnataka shares with AndhraPradesh ? What about Tungabhadra?

4. Whose music do you like in Telegu industry?

5. Have you heard of farm protests? why are they protesting ? What do they want? Whose side are you?

6. Why govt is not  giving legal status to MSP? What will happen if its given? after legalising the MSP , do you think farmers will recall the protest?




1. What is your full name? What is the meaning?

2. Why govt is promoting privatization?

3.  What is Ghandian model of privatization? What is the difference?

4. What is CSR and details?

5. Do you remember maths and tell about trigonometry?


Member 5:


1. If you are the secretary to ministry of women and child development, What will you do to improve the status of women?

2. What are the safety issues at work place? How do you think safety can be improved?

3.  How do you use your E AND C  to improve education and literacy?

4. What are conflicts between social media and govt? What govt is trying to do?

5. Do you support privacy or freedom of speech?

6. Do we need creativity or censorship?




1.  Do you think  something left to be asked to you?

2. If not civil services what would you like to do which keeps you happy? ANS i will associate with cooperatives to establish custom hiring centre and warehousing facility

3.  You mean to say your interest is rural development? after joining service how will continue this ?


Thank you